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Hi Hunnis!

If you follow me on twitter (@gemmabutton) you may have seen quite a few tweets about my new favourite and maybe even all time, yes I love it that much, lipstick.  This amazing lipstick is the one and only,


Mac Cosmetics Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

Mac Lipstick packaging is my ultimate favourite, classic, simple and black.  It doesn't wow anyone but thats what I like, more emphasis on the product itself not fancy pants packaging.

Candy Yum Yum, the best name for a lipstick EVER, this is one of the things that attracted me to the product first, I hadn't even seen the shade but the name excited me.  I had been looking for a matte neon pink lipstick for ages so when I seen that the lipstick with the amazing name was exactly what I was looking for I squealed with excitement.  I also think it describes the shade perfectly, what I mean by this is, you wouldn't expect a lipstick with this name to be a dark vampy purple, would you?  It screams pink to me and that exactly what you get.

I had never tried a matte lipstick before this one, but I really wanted to as I sometimes feel that a super glossy bright lipstick can be too overpowering on my lips and when people look at me they have the 'woooahhh to much lips lips lips'  look on their face.  I am so glad I eventually took the plunge for a matte lippy as I think I much prefer the formula and staying power.

I always expected matte lipsticks to be a dehydrating flakey mess but was pleasantly surprised with this little bullet of brightness.  Before I apply lipstick I always follow a routine;  brush, scrub and moisturise this can be seen in more detail here.  This routine really makes a difference in the application and final look of your lipstick.  Candy Yum Yum applies really well, you don't need to drag it along your lips to get a deep colour or apply more than once, it glides on leaving you with a perfectly opaque neon pink lip.

The lasting power of this is absolutely amazing.  Perfect example was Wednesday night, I applied at about 4pm before making a trip through to Birmingham for the Olly Murs concert.  I ate a two course meal, drank three cocktails, sang along to Olly and still had this on.  I only felt the need for reapplication on the train home at 11pm, so that's giving me a good 7 hours wear! That is phenomenal im my book.  

One thing I will say, this leaves a slight stain on your lips even after removing, I personally don't mind this but to avoid this after colour all you would need to do is apply a lip primer.  I haven't used a lip primer or lip liner  when wearing this lipstick and I have not experienced any bleeding or fanning.

I just bloody LOVE it!

Mac Cosmetics Candy Yum Yum

lots of love


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