Life - Not Just Bagpipes Because Even They Can Be Annoying Sometimes

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Hi hunnis

I just wanted to do this little post to let you know what will be happening in the world of Gemma Button for the next week.

I have just finished packing my suitcase,(such a nightmare I am not a light packer at all) for my little break home to Inverness in the north of Scotland tomorrow night.  I am going home for a week but don't worry I will still be blogging while im away.  Basically I have organised with a couple of guest posts and my posts may be less beauty focused and more lifestyley and personal.  I kind of want to take you all on holiday with me and show you my roots, im a country bumpkin at heart, that lived in the middle of nowhere with my grandparents and my dog.  Now I have been living in the Midlands for nearly two years I really appreciate the scenery and general calmness of my home town and the comfort of being at home.  I love bringing Adam to Scotland because its so different to where we live and he was brought up so he enjoys the break and loves taking my little dog a walk.

There is just one difference to this visit home, it is the first time I will have been home since my grampa passed away. (off course I went home the funeral but there was loads of people there and as he had an open coffin he was still in the house until his funeral) This is something I am quite apprehensive about as he was the life and soul of our home and Im not sure how I will feel or react to him not being there but this is just part of acceptance of him really not being there.  

Im also a little worried about the journey as the snow has been horrendous the past few days and I have a nine hour couch journey ahead of me...National Express better not let me down.

Before I even set off tomorrow I have my very exciting interview with Lush tomorrow so please keep all your fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome.  It is a group interview which I prefer to one on one but still have the usual pre interview nerves.  I don't think I have wanted a position so much since I went for my job as a Holiday Rep and that was a lot so Im dead excited. 

Thats about it for tonight but if you like these kind of posts please let me know as maybe you find my life boring maybe you don't know.  I do update The Button Times regularly to keep you all in the loop of everything so make sure you check that out too.  Ill leave you with a little picture of me and 'the boy' as he will be featured quite a lot in my blog in the next week, so a quick introduction to his face.

Lots of Love



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