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Hi Everyone, 

I  like a moisturiser for the daytime that is light, hydrating, oil free and works well with my foundation, and I have found one that does exactly this.
This is the first product I have ever tried from Dermalogica as it is out of my budget but after a friend bought this and it was no use to her it became mine, this has now become one of my must have skincare products.

Dermalogica Active Moist

The packaging of this product is great, simple and clean looking, exactly what I like from skincare packaging.  I also like that all the dermalogica range is the same design, I am slightly anal when it comes to products from the same range matching, anyone else the same?  I like that it is squeezy tube as it makes sure you can get every last drop, I have also been known to cut the tube of products I want to get every last drop from, this will be a definite with this due to the high price tag.

The moisturiser itself is a lovely consistency and applies with little rubbing in it just soaks into the skin leaving it smooth in no time at all, which helps in the morning with my lengthy make up routine.  It is white in colour with no strong scent, to me it smells fresh and very refreshing when applied again very good to give my skin a gentle wake up in the morning.  I love the non greasy oil free formula as it feels light and cooling on my skin.  I love that it reduces the excess oil that my skin is prone to.

"A lightweight, oil-free lotion for daily moisture protection that actively combats surface dehydration while smoothing the skin’s surface"

I think its safe to say I love this product, even though it is too expensive for my budget I think I would save to repurchase (if I cannot find a cheaper alternative), a little really does go a long way and this 100ml tube is lasting me in excess of 6 months.  It has never left me feeling clogged up or caused any breakouts.  This gives me hydrated skin while controlling the excess oil I experience on my t-zone, it works well with my make up and other skincare products. This product is definitely NOT one of those overnight or 14 or 30 day "miracle" products. Instead it's a healthy way to actually change your skin from the inside. So if you're one of those instant people... move on. But if you have the patience to stick it out and really invest in your skin  this is for you.  To me this is a luxury product but definitely worth the money.

Do you know of any cheaper alternatives to this please let me know in the comments below

Lots of Love



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