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Good Evening Hunni's

This little bottle of goodness has been a regular in my skincare routine since I discovered it around October/November time.  I discovered the brand first through twitter which led me to visit the website where I ordered my free sample and after my sample had ended I knew it was love at first drop.

I am of course talking about 

Skinetica - Anti Blemish Lotion

First impressions on the visual appearance of this product are not to high to be honest this is purely down to the white packaging, I think I just have a strong dislike of white packaging.  I think it looks cheap and doesn't sell the product like it should, yes the branding is clear and the uses are well displayed, but I want a pretty bottle that would look nice on my dresser.  I think this would be better presented in a clear bottle to show the clarity of the hidden product, with simple wording similar to what is has now, just something a bit more classy I suppose.

The product inside is a hidden treasure, the water like consistency has no scent.  I apply to a cotton pad and takes only a couple of squirts to cover the cotton pad, just make sure you don't get it in your eye, it stings like crazy.

I use this as directed, applying to a cleansed face twice a day in the morning and at night.  I let this dry before applying my usual moisturiser, it is important to apply before any moisturiser or make up as it will not work if applied afterwards. The great thing about Skinetica is once on the skin it stays active for 12 hours and washing in between the two applications will not affect with the results as once it is applied to the skin it is there and already working its magic.  You don't feel this on the skin at all, it doesn't tighten or leave any coating which is fabulous as I use this as a toner.  I have been using this all over my face not just on blemishes and even though this could potentially be drying on the skin I have not had any issue.

Since using this I have not suffered any major breakouts just the odd hormonal appearance which is just natural for me.  There were 3 days when I did not use this and I did notice a massive difference, my skin was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms so since that day I have not missed an application.  I do feel that this has no lasting effects after using for a long time, you need to continue use to benefit results.

When this bottle is finished I want to try a new toner I have but will have a bottle of Skinetica on standby just in case-im that attached.

What are your thoughts on using this as a toner?

Lots of love


*PR sample

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