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You might be wondering where this has come from as it was not in My Skincare Routine Product Introduction, there is a reason for this. I bought this at the beginning of the month after I had started this series, but had to include it as this is a big part of my daily routine now.  

Before I purchased this I had ever used a facial cleansing brush of any type, I had longed to own a Clarisonic after reading a review of it HERE.  As much as I longed for the Clarisonic my budget does not allow for such   purchases especially as I wasn't really sure it would suit my skin, so when I seen this budget dupe I knew it was my time to decide if this type of product would work for me.

No 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush 
Available here £24.95 (This was on introductory offer when I bought it at £15.00)

 The appearance of this cleansing brush is delightful, I love how clean, simple and compact this is.  It is shaped to fit in your hand perfectly and with only two AA batteries powering the brush head it is quite lightweight too. 
The brush head may look scary to some, myself included. I have not suffered with acne since my early teens, only the occasional monthly spot on my chin and jawline (damn you mother nature), but I was worried using this may cause my skin to panic and have a breakout as it looks like it could be quite harsh on the skin and more exfoliating than just cleansing, I was wrong.  The bristles are really soft and on my oily/combo skin this didn't feel harsh or too at all.
The brush has two speed settings, the first one being slower than the second, these are set with button on the handle.  1 click activates the slower setting, 2 clicks activate the faster setting and 3 clicks turn the device off.

 "This clever cleansing brush gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin, removing more dirt, oil and make-up than manual cleansing alone. Easy and quick to use, discover super clean, soft, radiant and healthier looking skin in less than 60 seconds." -

I use this with my Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean (read the review here).  I don't use it every single time I cleanse only at night and alternate between the different speeds depending on how much make up I have been wearing.  On heavy make up days I use this on the faster setting and on light make up days I use it on the first slower setting.  If I have had a make up free day I do not cleanse using this brush.  This is just my personal preference and Im sure depending on your skin type you could use this more often or less often its completely down to you.
Using this with my Peaches and Clean has been working perfectly for me even though these are recommended for use with a foaming cleanser, I didn't want to change my cleanser as it works so well for me.

Using these two together leave my skin feeling soft and deeply cleansed more so than ever before. In the first few days of use I did experience a tiny breakout on my jawline but this was more than likely down to mother nature than a reaction to the brush, after this I have not experienced any other breakouts at all.  My skin looks healthier with no make up on, with reduced redness and more even skin tone. This is such a huge improvement that I no longer wear foundation to work at all, only concealer and some powder on my nose. This makes me feel like im being good to my skin when I use this like my skin is saying thank you by rewarding me with no spots and better skintone. 

Tips for use (I am not an expert)
Tie your hair up, it gets caught in the brush and tangles - not cool
Do not use for longer than the recommended time of 30-60 seconds
Remove eye make up before use, I feel this would be too harsh on the delicate eye area
Do not press the brush to hard onto skin, this will stop the brush from moving and damage the effectiveness of the brush
This is not recomended for overly dry and sensitive skin, I do not have dry or sensitive skin so cannot comment on this

For a fraction of the price of a Clarisonic I am delighted with the results, but I am now more curious about the Clarisonic because if I can get such amazing results from this I wonder what the results would be like from something over 100 pounds more expensive, does the price matter?

Lots of Love



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