Beauty - MAC Technakhol Eyeliner Uniform Review

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Hi Hunnis, 

Just before I get started I will tell you that this is the prettiest eyeliner I have ever seen....EVER!

Mac Technakhol Eyeliner 'Uniform'

The packaging for this is classic mac, which I love, simple black with minimal branding and information.  The product is encased in a plastic twist pencil applicator.  This type of applicator has its good points which I think are the fact you don't ever have to sharpen it and its easier to clean off mucky foundation fingerprints.  I     do wish it had a mini sharpener in the end of the pencil to sharpen the tip of the eyeliner to have a more pointed,sharper lines when applying.  As you can see below mine has become a bit blunt now and I have no way of getting the point back without ruining the product, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

On the Mac website this shade is described as a deep khaki green with gold pearl, this is not true to colour at all. If I had not swatched this in store and seen the true colour I would never have purchased online following this description.  The swatch panel on the website also looks like a light brown with no hint of sparkle, this is also deceiving and does the shade no justice.  
I would describe this shade as a dark brown, nearly black with gold/bronze shimmer running through it.  
These swatches were taken in natural light with no flash so you can decide for yourself how you would describe the shade.

The formula is so impressive in this eyeliner, its perfectly creamy when applying and glides over my lash line with no effort at all.  I love that I don't need to stretch my eyelid to make sure I get a smooth straight line.  This can be smudged but only if you do it quickly as it does set, this really impressed me.  After a few moments this amazing formula sets and when I say set I mean this is going nowhere for about 8 hours at least.  I have never known a eyeliner to last this long and it still amazes me everytime I wear it.  Even with it being so long wearing its incredibly easy to remove with any normal make up remover. 

This was the first Mac eyeliner I have tried and when I first purchased I was in two minds if I really should have spent nearly £15 on one eyeliner.  This honestly was so worth the money, I use this nearly everyday on its own or as part of a more complicated eye look.  I love everything about it from the packaging to the ease of removal. I will definately repurchase this but I can't see that being for a while as I have been using this most days since I bought it in early December and I still have so much left.  I will definately be looking into the other shades in store though to make sure I get accurate swatches.

Do you own any of the other technakhol liners, what shades would you reccomend?

Lots of Love


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