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Hi Hunnis!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine went far to quickly for my liking, but they say time flys when your having fun.
Iv been saying for a while I wanted to start a monthly series and I have decided on 'My Routine'.  I will cover skincare, haircare, bodycare in the next few months. These will all start with an introduction to the products I use followed by reviews on the products included in the intro. I will also do an extras post for products I use every now and then for an added boost and equipment I use.  The first week of the month I will cover skincare, the second will be haircare, third week is body care and the forth will be any extras.
 I wanted to start with skincare as this is something I am very new to, for years I was really niave to all the amazing products that are available and only used baby wipes and a face wash. My knowledge and interest in different skincare products has increased hugely since discovering blogs that feature skincare regularly such as Pampered Prince and Tattooed Tea Lady.  With this new found knowledge and interest of what products would suit my skin and how they could improve it have seen my skincare routine improve and I have come a long way since my baby wipes and facial wash days.

Above are the current products im using in my skincare routine, please note the word current as I chop and change some of these products monthly or when they are finished so I can try out new things in the hope of finding my wonder products.
Make Up Remover - Simple 'Kind to Skin' Eye Make Up Remover
I only use an eye make up remover as I expect my facial wash to remove all traces of make up at the end of the day.
Facial Wash - Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean/Purity Exvoliating Facial Wash
I use these two on alternative days so one day I use Peaches and Clean and the next I use the Exvoliating Facial wash.
Toner - Skinetica Blemish Clearing Lotion
I use this as my toner/lotion every morning and night, as it is intended.  This is a permanent fixture in my routine.
Eye Cream - Murad Hyrdo Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes
This was a sample I recieved in the #bbloggersxmas goodie bag so I am just trialing this at the moment. Eye creams and gels are something I am quite unsure of and very new to.
Moisturiser -  Dermalogica Active Moist/Soap and Glory Wish Upon a Jar
I use the Active Moist as a daytime moisturiser and the Wish Upon a Jar as my night moisturiser at the moment, this is only intended for 21 day use at a time but im naughty and dont follow them rules.
I hope you are looking forward to this series, which product are you most excited for me to review?
Lots of Love

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