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Hi Hi lovlies!

Im sure you are all more than aware its St Valentine's Day very soon, I personally am very excited about it and always am.  I love the day filled with the over exaggerated romantic gestures, cuddles, kisses and just all round lovey dovey-ness.  Adam and myself like to get each other gifts, not as a sign of our love for each other but more of a treat to celebrate the day.

When the postman dropped. read threw, this through my door  I was unsure it would be one of my perfect Valentines gifts but after using it and falling in love I just had to tell you about a genuinely lovely gift for your sweetheart or indeed yourself this February 14th.

Tender is the Night Massage Bar

 £4.50 - Available from the Lush official website - Here

"This gorgeous little vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang scented bar may just be the most romantic product we’ve ever come up with. Tender is the Night is the world’s first soft-centred massage bar, with a light shea and murmuru butter shell that crushes easily in the hand to reveal a fondant core. " - Lush

 Unfortunately my the royal mail had been less than careful with my massage bar and it was broken when I opened it.  This was not a problem to me as I will explain below.  I could still see the creamy heart with the pink mixture oozing from the middle, it looked delightful.

As soon as I opened this the beautiful vanilla, ylang ylang and jasmine started to fill the room, the vanilla scent is most noticable which I love.  Vanilla is also one of many natural aphrodisiacs so will keep the man in your life happy.  With its sweet, welcoming scent, it has a euphoric effect and its one the scents that make men drool - or so says

This heart shaped bar uses fair trade murumuru and shea butters instead of cocoa butter to ensure the outer bar is light enough to crush in your hand releasing the soft pink centre of smooth almond oil, agave syrup to name only two of the moisturising ingredients.

As I said above the fact my heart was broken didn't bother me as I intended to break it into pieces to get multiple uses from the one bar.  Depending on what kind of mood you are in, you can be gentle with your heart and break small pieces of or to get right to the soft centre crush the whole heart in your hand.  

On my first use I decided to treat Adam to a back massage, after taking one of the pieces of the heart I crushed it into my hands and began to massage.    After working the pieces of bar into his back there was only an oil like liquid left, no sign of the solid bar, I was amazed.  This allowed my hands to easily glide across is back. The scent was gorgeous and even though I was not recieving the massage I really enjoyed using this bar.  It made my hands extremely soft and they smelled beautiful.  Adam is not normally interested in highly scented bath or body products but he really enjoyed this and explained his massage as

"A deep relaxing experience, the scent was really nice im sure I smelled good enough to eat"

Having used this, being a product I was never interested in, I am now looking forward to my next visit to Lush to explore the world of Massage Bars.

Have you used any of the Lush range of massage bars, which one would you reccomend?

Lots of Love



*This was a PR sample recieved in connection with the #birminghambloggermeetup, the massage bars did not arrive in time to be added to the goodie bags so instead were sent out to each person that attended.

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