Life - Sometimes You Will Never Know the True Value of a Moment Until it Becomes a Memory

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Hi lovelies
If you have been living under a rock you may not have heard about the John Greed Blogger Valentine Jewellery Challenge so just incase you can read all about how to enter HERE.  

Like the last challenge John Greed set us bloggers (you can see my entry here) I enjoyed writing this post so much, more so this one as I created a mood board for the first time so that was such good fun and I spent a good few hours creating different combinations but this was my favourite by far.

I have chosen these items as they all represent things that I love and with it being Valentine's Day expect the explanation of each item and why I have chosen it to be slightly slushy and romantic, because thats just the kind of person I am.

1. Swarovski Rhodium Plated and Crystal Pavé Maeva White Ring 
As soon as my eyes fell upon this ring I fell in love! Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of the big fairytale wedding, all my family, big white dress, flowers and off course the rings. I often find myself longing over the beautiful sparkling rings in jewellery windows, mentally picking out the ones I love and long for when the day comes where I can have my own. This ring is an exact example of what id like my wedding ring to look like, I dont like the plain simple wedding rings because thats just not me I want something sparkly that would fit it with my engagement ring, yes iv got that mentally picked out too. When I would wear this it would give me the constant reminder that one day I will have my dream wedding and this ring would represent my dream.

2. Soda Pop Joe Cool Pink Button Earrings
These earrings are just adorable and me to a tee. Incase you hadn't noticed I love buttons, all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns.  The reason I love buttons so much as they are unique-like me.  That is why I named my blog after them I want to be  like a button in the blogging world, that even though I am doing the same thing as lots of other bloggers I stand out and can be different.  Valentine's wouldn't be right in my world without something button themed.

3. Danon Hammered Open Heart T-Bar Bracelet
Even though most of you may just look at this as just a bracelet, but to me I feel like it represents my heart. In the past my heart, in the terms of love and relationships, from boyfriends to family has been hammered but this has only made it stronger, like this bracelet. The bracelet to me shows a strong heart which I hope one day I will have.

4. Pandora Silver and Red Enamel Love Letter Charm
This charm respresents a moment in myself and Adam's relationship that ill never ever forget.  We met in Tenerife while he was on holiday and I was his holiday rep, I know naughty and against the rules, I thought we would have this little holiday romance and I would never see him again as he would forget about me.  I was wrong , on the last day of is holiday he left a note under my desk in the hotel that I will keep forever.  It read "Because you are one in a million" next to a bottle of Paco Rabanne's  Lady Million.  This was the perfect reassurance from the boy, who I had fallen madly in love with in the matter of two weeks, felt the same way.  Three years later I still have the note and the bottle of perfume in a box , this charm would be a daily reminder as part of my bracelet of the most romantic gesture someone has ever done for me.

5. Thomas Sabo Classic Silver Feather Stud Earrings
Feathers are delicate, just like a girls feelings.  In a relationship or single this Valentine's the day and its meaning will be in every girls mind.  Lucky for me I have the most thoughtful and caring boyfriend but even he sometimes needs to be reminded that my heart and feelings are delicate.  These earrings are a symbol of delicate hearts, and a reminder to everyone to be delicate with other people's feelings every single day not just on February the 14th..

6. Pandora Silver Forever Entwined Charm
The name of this charm is just so romantic, and explains the way the charm looks too.  Forever entwined is something I wish for in the future in my relationship, myself and adam are entwined, in a non physical way, through our hearts and souls.  He is like a male version of me, he knows what im thinking, what im about to say before I open my mouth.  I love that we are so connected and understand each other 100%.  I hope that we are still entwined and so in tune with each other in 50 years to come, so this charm would represent a goal in my relationship, to keep the way we are forever...entwined.

This happened the last time, I feel all emotional after writing this.  Reading it back I really am just a hopeless romantic.  I feel like I have opened up more than usual and I hope you enjoy reading it.  I hope the guys at John Greed appreciate my entry.

Good Luck to everyone who entered

Fingers Crossed



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