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Miss Patisserie was a brand I had never came across before, until I attended the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. Read my post about the Clothes Show here.  Their Stand just completely stood out from all the surroundng stands and before I knew it I was in cupcake heaven - bathtime cupcake heaven.  These lovely little bakes just looked good enough to eat and smelled devine.

"The fragrances will let your mind take you to places you've remembered, whether it be walking through a lemon grove, biting into a big ball of candy floss or taking out a freshly baked plum pie from the oven."
Miss Patisserie was created by the lovely Charlotte Ridgwell, with her love of beauty and bath products, beautiful illustration, patisseries and pugs and some experimenting in her kitchen at home in Cardiff,  the bath bakes Miss Patisserie are famous for were born. Charlotte started selling her creations at local craft fayres and in a few local shops.  They are now stocked in over 150 stores in the UK including Harrods and also Europe and Australia.  All this has happened in only three years and have introduced a number of new products including cake slices, macaroons, mini bath bakes and lollies.  It is one of the lollies I will be reviewing in this post.

Miss Mango Ice Lolly Bath Fizzie
As you will see in the picture above the lolly is presented in a clear plastic wrapping with a branded bow to seal the product and keep all the delicious scents under wraps until you are ready to use it. I love that this looks just like a lolly you would eat and appropriatly mounted on a lolly stick. 

Miss Mango with its white and pink 'lolly' covered in glitter topped with the delicate blue flower is every girls perfect bath accessory.  The glitter really sparkles and this made me fall in love before I had even used it.

At the Miss Patisserie kitchens everything is handmade, the mixing, icing, pressing and packaging are all done by the Miss Patisserie chefs to ensure we recieve the highest quality finished product.  All of the fragrances and natural ingredients such nourishing cocoa butter and epsom salts are added due to the amazing benefits on the skin and body.
As you will see on the website and some of the packaging of the products pug dogs are everywhere (which I adore because they are my favourite dog), this to me shows Miss Patisserie's love of animals.  Her love of animals is proved through the products as none of the ingredients or the products themselves are ever tested on animals.

 After running my bath I swirled my lolly around my bath, this was made very easy as the lolly stick is long enough to hold at the bottom,  releasing the beautiful fruity fragrance and nourishing oils.  As soon as the lolly was in the water the scent of mangos, ripe peaches filled the air leaving a  lingering base of clean musk to aid to the relaxation of my bath.  As the lolly disolved into my bath water the glitter sparkled in the light making my bath fit for a princess, in my mind every girl is a princess!
During my bath I could feel the difference in my skin and it was softer than ever before and felt moisturised.
I was enjoying my indulgent bath so much I really didn't want to get out but I had to before I turned wrinkly.  I was concerned that all the lovely glitter would stick to my skin and my whole body would be sparkling, it was visable on my skin but only very slightly, I luckily didn't look like an extra in twilight.  The most astonishing thing was the softness of my skin, it felt so nourished and smelt fabulous.

I  enjoyed my Miss Patisserie Miss Mango Ice Lolly so much and would love to try the other flavours including Pom Pom and La La Lime, you can view them here.  Be sure to expect lots more reviews of Miss Patisserie treats on Button's Blog.

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