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Today I bring you the best compact mirror you will ever have the pleasure of using and to be quite honest the only one you will ever need in your handbag ever.
Pebble Grey LED Compact Mirror
When I was asked to review this little beauty I was delighted, Im always searching for the perfect 'eyebrow' mirror as I call them.  Let me tell you girls I have found it!  This mirror is just perfect for plucking your eyebrows, see when you have those little tiny hairs just in natural light you cant possibly see, with this 2x magnification they are perfectly visable, this makes for a quicker removal of these pesky little hairs. Also perfect for filling in your eyebrows at home or on the go and with the built in LED lights you could be in the middle of a powercut and still be able to do both of these.  Okay so I have just sounded like a crazy eyebrow lady but obviously this can be used for all make up applications, with the LED lights giving you maximum lighting at all times.
I have been carrying this in my handbag since the day I recieved it, perfect handbag sized! It is still in perfect condition wiht no scratches or dirty marks, this is down to the velvet pouch that comes with it.  This little velvet pouch not only keeps your mirror safe but also adds a little bit of luxury in your handbag.  Everytime I use this and remove from the velvet pouch I feel like im saying to everyone else
 'yes that is a luxury cosmetic mirror in my hand'

This cute girly design printed on the front and back of the compact mirror adds that something extra, making it more attractive and pretty to look at.  This to me would be the 'buy or not to buy' moment, without this little design it would be unlikely that I would purchase, even though the lighting is perfect it just wouldn't be pretty enough for me.  To me just by adding this tiny bit of design makes this mirror 10 times more appealing to ladies.
As this perfect little mirror comes in a very professional branded gift box this makes the perfect stocking filler or secret santa.  There is always one difficult lady to buy for and this would be the perfect present, who doesn't need to adjust their hair or fix their make up during the day?
I would be happy with this in my stocking this christmas but after checking out the website I now have the Pebble Grey bug...
I need this fitted in my bathroom
Pyrus Illuminated Cabinate - Buy yours Here
Will you be checking out the Pebble Grey range to make your bathroom the perfectly lit make up application area?
Lots of Love

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