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On Saturday 1st of December I attended my first Blogger Meet Up.  I had a mixture of feelings about this meet up but overall I enjoyed it and the people I met.  It was a lovely meet up to attened as my first one as there wasn't too many there which I think would have intimidated me but instead it gave me the confidence to attend more future events and meet ups.
I was really excited to meet everyone who was attending as I spoke to most of them of twitter and was nice to finally meet them in person.  The great thing about all of us was we could all learn something new from each other fashion or beauty related. I  Cant wait to see you all at the Birmingham Meet Up in January.
Charlotte from T*rexes and Tiaras
Jess from Spoilt Face
Amy from Pretty Young Thing
Andy from Pampered Prince
Helen from Beautifully Superfluous
and the organiser of the whole day
Hayley from Strangeness and Charm
Sunny from Wardrobe Mag

We all met at Starbucks and to be totally and maybe brutally honest it was a bit akward, I think this was only because none of us had really met each other before but we stayed here for a while to get more familiar with each other, it was great having a conversation with people who understood the whole 'blogging' thing as some of my friends dont fully understand it.

After a couple of yummy coffee's we headed of to The Francesco Group Hair Academy for some pampering, this was my favourite part of the day, so much so I have done a separate post about it HERE.

All of us waiting outside the Salon minus Charlotte as she volunteered to take the picture

After our lovely afternoon in the salon we had to say goodbye to Andy, Jess and Helen as they had to make their way home.  We  then made our way through the busy Christmas Market to the Mailbox where we had a table booked in the Bar Room Bar for a some food and cocktails.
Amy, Chloe and myself thought this was a perfect opportunity for some photos.

Amy and myself                                                 Chloe and myself

 Amy and Chloe looking lovely

Once we arrived at the Bar Room Bar I was soo excited, the cocktail menu looked great and so did the pizzas.  I decided on an amaretto based cocktail and it was really lovely and very refreshing along day.  Amy, Chloe and myself shared some garlic butter dough balls to start and these were yummy and 12 of them did the three of us perfectly.  The pizza I had was quite easily the nicest I had in a while, the BBQ chicken on a thin pizza dough was just delicious.
Everything on the menu sounded scrumptious and I will be taking my other half back there.  The prices were also very reasonable my pizza and cocktail came to just over £10.

I think I can speak for all the bloggers attending that we had a really enjoyable day and made some great blogger friends.

Lots of Love



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