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Hi hunnis!!
I know I have already posted today and im not one to do so but I was soo excited to share this with you I had to post it this evening!

On Saturday I attended  the long awaited Bloggers Christmas Event.  As I had never been to London or an event of this size before I was slightly nervous but the nerves were overtaken by excitement, I couldn't sleep on Friday night I was soo excited. I think the excitement was the thought of meeting other bloggers I had spoken to on twitter for months and would now be meeting them and also the opportunity to network with up and coming companies and pr's.

After travelling from Birmingham with Adam (the boyfriend) and the lovely Charlotte from Lil Miss Chickas, and having a right laugh on the train we arrived at Euston Station and met a lovely group of ladies. One of the lovlies we met Kat from Tales of a Pale Face had arranged to play tour guide and we would all travel to Canary wharf together, thank goodness because I would have got lost on my own.

Were here!

We arrived at the Reebok Bar, to be greeted by the lovely Lola from Lolastar Hearts and Vik from Vik Beauty, these girls were the organisers of this excellent event.  I want to say a massive thank you to these girls for organising the event and a huge well done on it being such a success.

Lola and Vik, how pretty did they look!

We made our way inside to one of the tables covered with sweet and savoury treats.  High five to Lola's mum's friend on making the cake pops because they were devine and throughout the day I made the most of them believe me. 

Around the room were tables from SoapBox PR with brands they work with including Bad Apple, Bronze Ambition and Twisted Sista, Aromatherapy Associates and Slendertone.  There were products on all the tables for us to try and test, the opportunity to have an OPI manicure and hand massage and amazing demonstrations by the ladies at Slendertone. 
 Bad Apple Nail Varnishes and Nail Wraps
Bronze Ambition Tanning Range
Lola and Vik had arranged a beauty quiz in which we could all take part with the chance to win prizes such as Make Believe Tan and Butter London goodies. Also there were a couple of twitter competitions to win prizes such a swarovski nail files and a three month subscription to Joliebox.  These were such amazing prizes, so well done to the winners!
Everyone filling in their beauty quiz sheets
Slendertone also decided to give away two of their Slendertone Face kits worth £250 and after picking the two winners they were generous enough to pick one more person, it was me! I am soo excited to recieve this prize, you can read more about it on the Slendertone Website HERE.
These were all amazing touches to the day and made us all get talking and know each other.
Getting to know each other and find new blogs was a massive part of the day and the part I was most excited about.  I met so many ladies that I had been speaking to for months, reading their blogs it was great to put a voice to the posts id been reading. I also got the chance to meet some ladies and find new blogs id never been lucky enough to come across so far which is great and Iv spent most of Sunday following them all and having a relaxing time reading throught their previous posts.
 I was super excited to meet Alice from Brigh town Girl, I love her blog!
 Angelica from One Little Vice and Kat from Tales of a Pale Face
Even Adam wanted in on the photographs
Myself and Charlotte from Lil Miss Chickas

At the end of the day we were all gifted with amazing goodie bags, now girls I mean amazing.  They were overflowing with amazing new products that I will be review for months to come, I have decided that it was so spectacular it deserved its own post, but for now I will tease you with a picture, please note the bag has ripped with the weight of all the contents!

The whole event was really wonderful and I would attend another one in a minute, so well organised, enjoyable and maninly so much fun!

On the day there was a lovely photographer Amal, taking photos of the day in action, which was a lovely touch!

You can view the photos here on her website

At the end of the day Lola and Vik asked me if they could improve anything about the day and I honestly had to really think about it, and all I could think of was to have name badges as noticing everyone can prove tricky as everyone looks so different in person.
 Do you think they could have done it better and if so what would you suggest?

Lots of  Love




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