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Last week I attended my first event as a Blogger, it was very exciting!
I was lucky enough to be sent an beautiful invitation to a new bar opening in the heart of Birmingham The Lost and Found.
My Beautiful invite
I attended with two lovely bloggers Kelsey from Penelope's Beauty Obsession and Clare from A Bit of This and That , it was really lovely to meet the girls as I talk to them a lot on twitter and they are also the two girls that make up the trio of us organising the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up.  It was really daunting meeting two girls who I had never met in person before but we all just clicked straight away and it was like just having a catch up with two girls I have known for ages.
I decided to wear something comfortable and quite simple and made my hair and make up the statement of my look.  This was the first time I curled my new extensions and being completely honest they made me feel like a superstar.

When we all first arrived at the bar there was a number of people waiting outside so was reassuring to see there was going to be a good number of people there.  Once inside the beautiful Victorian botanical hideaway it was such a change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of the busy Birmingham Streets. 
There was so much to look at the decor was phenomenal, from the giant roman like pillars, miniture tables and chairs proped up by plant pots, grand lighting fixtures and the ivy climing the walls.  It had a really grand feeling but also very girly and delicate. I feel that Hettie's (The owner) personality really shines through in the design and has made a really big point of making it different than your average cocktail bar.

We made out way to the bar to find cocktail menus with a range of cocktails that had been hand picked for the event.  There was an okay selection with a mixture of Tequila, Gin and Whiskey based creations, honestly I was dissapointed there were no vodka based cocktails on this hand picked menu as this would have been my preferred choice of tipple.  Im sure there would be other choices on the full menu.  As it was the launch night all cocktails and wines and draughts were on Hettie but should you visit on a normal day cocktails range from £5.50 - £7.50.
We all decided to go for a different one to try first as they were so different to anything I had ever seen on a cocktail menu before.
I decided on the 'Midlands Princess' a mix of aperol, passion fruit puree, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and Prosecco.  This was enjoyable and I loved the slight fizz of the prosecco and the tropical taste of the passion fruit and lemon was refreshing, this was my favourite.
Kelsey had the Ginger Gin and Tea made with Bombay Sapphire Gin, Cointreau, ginger and tea syrup and lemon juice.  I had a quick sip of this and on first taste it is really subtle and tasty with just the right ammount of ginger, I had never tryed gin before and it really worked well with all the other ingredients.
Clare opted for the Ms. H G Watson named after the owner and creator of The Lost and Found.  This was the best presented cocktail in my eyes, the jam jar glass was really fitting with the decor.  The mix of Bombay Sapphire Gin, Blackberry Puree, apple juice, lavender syrup, lemon juice and homemade sugar syrup was delicious, you couldnt taste the alcohol which made it very enjoyable to drink.
Our first experience at the bar was delightful but unfortunately due to the number of people our second trip to the bar was a 45 minute wait to be served although im sure this was just due to the sheer number of people taking full advantage of the free drinks and would be less busy now the bar is open to the public.
Kelsey and her 'Ginger Gin and Tea'

Myself and Clare's chosen cocktails

Now im not sure about you but I think the appearance of the ladies toilets in a bar or restaurant is a major factor for me, if they are disgusting it is unlikely I will return the the place. At the Lost and Found it is a pleasure to visit the ladies room.  Myself and Clare were extremely impressed with the decor on our way to the restroom and indeed once there. The phone was on a little table before the corridor to the toilets it was in a low lit area so looked really effective, the corridor had these bird light covers and little black birds painted on the walls, this was my favourite area of the whole bar.  The toilets were a ladies heaven, the numbered doors were a lovely touch and the collection of girly things above the sink were so sweet.  These are the best toilets I have

 Myself and Clare in the birdie corridor

All in all I had a wonderful evening at The Lost and Found and will return to try the kitchen's delights. I was slightly dissapointed when I was pushed away from the secret bookcase door to let a group of men into the room beyond the bookcase, I never did find out what was in there....

Have you visited the Lost and Found yet, for updates follow @hettiegwatson and @Bea_elmer on Twitter.

Lots of Love



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