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John Greed Jewellery have given us bloggers the amazing chance to win the Pandora bracelet of our dreams. All you need to do to enter is create your bracelet from the Pandora range on John Greed Jewellery not exceeding the value of  £250.
  You can see full details of how to enter by clicking HERE,
 If you do wish to enter please be quick as this challenge ends on Friday 7th December.
I have been a fan of Pandora ever since I receieved my first bracelet from my other half for Christmas last year.  I love that by using different charms you can create a bracelet unique to you.  All of the charms I have chosen have a sentimental meaning to myself and I like to document special events and people in my life using pandora charms.
 18cm Silver Bracelet  £55 - Buy yours HERE
This would be my bracelet of choice, I like the simplicity of it as the focus with my Pandora would to make sure all the focus was on the charms.  I like this bracelet as it is comfortable to wear, looks great worn smart or casual.  The clip, branded with Pandora wording, is secure enough to keep all your precious charms safe and secure.  It also has space for two of the clip charms which split your bracelet into three sections.
Pandora Silver Sphere Ball Clip Charm £30  - Buy yours HERE
As there is two spaces for clip charms on the bracelet I have chosen I would have two of the above charm.  I have chosen to have two the same as this would look simple and symetrical. This would make the focus point of the bracelet the charms in between the two spheres.
Silver Crown Charm £25 - Buy yours HERE
This charm would represent to me all the celebrations the royals have had this year including the Jubilee and more recently Kate Middleton announcing her pregnancy.  I love the royals and find their lives fascinating and with all the royal celebrations this year, I really do feel proud to be British.
Silver Camera Charm £30 - Buy yours HERE
I love taking photos, since starting writing my blog you will very rarely see me without a camera in my hand, either my digital camera or the one on my phone.  In my blog posts I use a lot of pictures and at first I worried that my posts were too picture heavy and some readers may not like this,but I have now came to the way of thinking that this is my style of blogging and think that pictures can say a thousand words.   Pictures tell a story within an instant and keep a memory alive for a lifetime.
Silver Four Leaf Clover £25 - Buy yours HERE
Unfortunately in August of this year I lost a very special person in my life and in turn I lost a part of myself.  My dear Grampa passed away to the result of a long term illness and although we all knew that the outcome of the illness would eventually be death, it still came as a massive shock.  My Grampa the jolly, kind hearted, irish man that he was did such a good job at pulling the wool over our eyes we started to believe that he was okay and that he would overcome it, he wanted us to remember him being okay, not a sick man in a hospital bed.  This four leaf clover (shamrock) would be a little memorial to my Grampa that I can keep with me everyday I wear my Pandora.
Silver Key to my Heart £30 - Buy yours HERE
There is only one man that holds the key to my heart and that is Adam my boyfriend.  This man is my boyfriend, my best friend and my soul mate.  Our two year anniversary is a week today (12th December) and I can honestly say I love him the same way I did the first time I ever set eyes on him.  I love that nobody else in the world can make me feel the way he does just by standing in the same room as me, that our sense of humour is identical, we are just two peas in a pod and I can't think of a better way to spend the rest of my life than to be with him.  This charm will be a symbol of our relationship on my Pandora bracelet.

 Silver Wishbone Charm £25 - Buy yours HERE
 Growing up my childhood was filled with old wives tales and wishbones being a symbol of luck was one of them.  Every Sunday we would have a roast chicken dinner, which would mean my mum carving the chicken very carefully as to not break the wishbone so we could keep it and make a wish as it was snapped.  Everytime I see a wishbone it reminds me of these childhood memories sitting round the table as a family enjoy each others company.  I would hope this wishbone brings me luck in the challenge and would be a constant good luck charm as part of my ultimate Pandora bracelet.

I would really like to thank John Greed Jewellery for giving me a chance to write this kind of post as I feel it has given me the chance to open up and be a bit more personal on my blog.  In turn I hope you have enjoyed it too.

Good Luck to all the bloggers who have also entered this challenge!

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