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Hey girlies hope your all well:) 
I first came across this Elf Primer when they had a 50% off code for their online store.  The minimum spend was £20 and I had picked all the items I wanted and it only came to £13 so when I seen this I thought Id give it a go, as it was one of the products Elf 'loved' on their website.
The packaging is very simple, and im not too sure I like the white and plastic silver as I think it makes the product look cheap, but that is just my opinion.  I think I just love the clean cut look of black packaging, which elf normally provide.  This bottle comes with a pump which is great for usage as you can't pump too much as only a small ammount comes out with each pump.  The only thing with a pump is I always feel there is loads of product left when the pump is no longer able to reach it, and with this bottle the way the pump is fitting you cant just take the lid of and tap it out.
This primer reminds me of the gel that is applied when you have a pregnancy scan it looks very similar just on a smaller scale. I applied with my fingers as I found with this primer it was the best way to apply as using a brush just made it break up between the bristles., I think this is because it is silicone based.  This product has no scent at all which to me is slightly dissapointing as I love highly scented things. The clear gel like mixture is something I have not seen before in a primer, but like the feeling it leaves on your skin.
Using this with my usual moisturiser provides me with a perfect base for the rest of my make up which I love, my foundation really blends lovely with this primer.  The main thing about this primer is that it keeps my make up in place ALL day which is exactly what iv been looking for.
Purely because of the results and staying power if this product I have enjoyed using it but as it didnt last very long because of the amount of product you need to use during each application and the design of the pump I dont think I would purchase again. No matter the price of a product I like to finish the bottle and with this you cannot get to the bottom.
Have you used this primer and do you have a trick for removing the internal pump mechanism?

Lots of Love



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