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As part of the Birmingham Bloggers Christmas Meet Up we were all treated to a wash and finish at the Francesco Hairdressing Academy, this was my favourite part of the day and I want to say a massive thank you to Sunny for organising such an excellent treat for us all.
"Winners of Midlands Hairdresser of the Year 2010, Francesco Group has been in hairdressing for over 40 years and boasts over 30 salons nationwide"
After just a ten minute walk from New Street Station in Birmingham we arrived at the salon, and were welcomed inside by the lovely Sarah, one of the senior stylists at the academy. On first walking into the academy it looks very professional with all my favourite well known brands on the shelves.  Sarah intoduced herself and all the other stylists and apprentices as she was telling us some more information about the salon.  This was great for myself as I had never heard of Francesco Group before so this was very helpful.  I love the concept of the academy, everyone has to start from somewhere in their chosen career and with places like the academy it allows the apprentices to get hands on practical exerience on a daily basis with different types of hair preparing them for the future as a hairdresser.
"Birmingham Academy requires clients to help our Stars of the Future develop their hairdressing skills"
One of the apprentices, Libby lead me to the seat where I would be spending my afternoon and proceeded with a full consultation finding out any relevant information to complete my look. 
Normally at this stage in a hairdressers I begin to feel uncomfortable and nervous due to numerous bad experiences of qualified stylists not listening and thinking they know best, this was not the case with Libby.  This young unqualified stylist made me feel at ease, I really felt like her whole concentration was on me and that she would do whatever it took to get my desired look. 
Some of the products Libby used creating my look
I decided on a curly blow dry full of volume and bounce, this is always a look I long to create at home but can never achieve the look, Libby was very excited about this as she loved creating looks like this which was very reassuring, making me feel more at ease.
Libby started of with shampooing my hair using some fabulous Wella SP products (my favourite salon range). During my shampoo and conditioning treatment Libby gave me the best head massage ever, I was soo relaxed and wished I could have my hair washed like this everyday.
I was then taken back to my seat where Sarah offered me a glass of bubbly which I loved, it made me feel like a little celebrity getting pampered in the salon on a Saturday afternoon.
 As I sipped on my glass of bubbly Libby got to work on my hair, using some Moroccan Oil on the ends of my hair to keep them in good condition. 
Finishing Touches
 She then spent the next while completing my look with the help of hair dryers, big brushes, rollers, tongs and straighteners. Libby finished the look on my natural hair before adding in my extensions and completing the overall look.  Libby had never styled extensions before and with the guidance of senior stylist Sarah made an excellent job. 
Finished Look without Extensions
               Finished look with extensions               
I  felt so comfortable with Libby, she was very confident in creating every aspect of my look, it was hard to believe she had only been at the Academy for three months.  Her skills were second to none for how long she had been training and had a lot of knowledge about different products and ways to improve issues I have with my hair.
 Libby and Myself
In case you hadn't realised I really enjoyed my first visit to the Francesco Group Hairdressing Academy, it was a pleasant visit and certainly will not be my last.
The goodie bag we recieved when we were leaving was a lovely surprise too!
To find out where you nearest salon may be check out the website
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