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I just had to write a post today just so the date 12.12.12 is on my blog little things like this amuse me.  If you follow me on twitter you will know that attended the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham last Friday and had an amazing day. I bought a couple of things and generally had a lovely day with Adam my boyfriend and fellow blogger Amy from PYT.

I wanted to look glam but comfortable too so I kept my outfit simple with black jeans, pepulum top and wedge boots and made more of an effort with my hair and make up.  I curled my Clip in Limited extensions and left them down and went for a brown smokey eye look and glossy nude lip with my make up.

One of the first stalls we visited was Miss Patisserie, these cute bathtime wonders are right up my street.  These little cupcake 'bath bakes' are beautifully handcrafted here in the UK. These are also animal friendly. This stand really stood out to me with all the cupcake bath fizzies all on show and the dreamy scent crept up my nose as I walked by. As the one I bought will be a Christmas present I wont be trying it out but Amy has reviewed the one she bought on her blog and you can read her review here.  Miss Patisserie will bebring out some new products soon and I will definately be trying them so look out for that review in the new year, all I will say is Bubble Biscuits.

In the winter I get always get a major urge to use false tan, more so than in the summer. I just want to be brown and bronzed all the time!  I have wanted to try Maria Fowler's (ex The Only Way is Essex) since I first got wind it was on the market, so knowing her range Celebrity Bronze would be available to purchase at the Clothes Show was one of the main reasons I wanted to attend. Approaching the stand it was obvious how popular it was and then I seen Maria, I had to meet her!  With help and reccomendations from Maria herself I purchased the Tanning Mouse and Tan Extender.  I cant wait to try these products out and ill be doing a full review when I have done so. The products were cheaper than usual at the show and I am loving the new logo. It was an extra special touch to meet Maria and she is just a normal person like you and I, she spent a good fifteen minutes chatting to Adam and myself  at the end of the day. Nice to meet a someone who is constantly in the media who is so down to earth and lovely, not to mention being absolutely flawlessly gorgeous.  This girl does not deserve any of the stick she recieves in the media and on twitter.

 Mouse £12, Tan Extender £7 Buy yours Here

Barry M are a brand that I have loved for a long time and have recently started experimenting with their Dazzle Dusts and falling more in love with the amazing value of these products!  I have heard that they are well known at the Clothes Show for having amazing goodie bags and this year was no different.  I bought my goodie bag for £10 and have over £50 worth of products inside, this was my bargain of the day.
Now this one is a no brainer if you know me. Amy Childs was at the Clothes Show and there was no way I was going home without meeting her or checking out her clothing range and beauty products. I made my way to Amy's stand and while looking around her beautiful dresses her mum came up to me and asked if I needed any help and indeed I wanted to know how curve friendly the size 16 dresses were and she explained in full that they are a generous size 16 and continued to say which one would suit me best, unfortunately I didnt have the funds to purchase one of these dresses but now I know what the sizing is I can order online.  I have wanted one of the XL Sleep in Rollers Bun Ring for a long time now, and the delight when I seen that Amy had teamed up with them to release her own range was unexplainable, so when I seen these on her stand I picked one up and headed to the till.  I will be doing a tutorial type post once I have used my bun ring a few times. As I turned round to make my way to the till Amy herself came up to me and said 'alright hunni' OMG OMG I think I just died, Amy Childs talking to me as if, I composed myself and said yes thank you.  I think this was all I could manage in the shock.  I was served at the till by Claire Powell, Amy's amazing manager and face of Can Assosiates, she also manages Peter Andre and Gemma Collins.  Later in the day Amy was doing a signing so I stood and waited for thirty minutes and met her had my picture taken while she signed my gift bag. Best part of the day for me was Amy telling me my hair will look gorgeous in my XL Bun Ring! Okay I can assure you my fangirling moment is over.


Just as I was getting ready to leave a lady from OMG Nails asked me to come and have my nail stamped.  I walked over and she looked at my nails and decided to 'stamp' my glittery accent nail.  The way OMG nails work is, they have a giant stainless steel plate engraved with lots of different designs.  You paint over one of the designs, scrape with a special scraping tool to even out the nail varnish and use the stamper took to pick up the design and stamp on your nail and seal with a clear top coat.  I decided on a lace all over nail stamp.  I really liked this and would love if I went to a salon and they had this available but  I dont do my nails often enough to make this worth my money.
You can check out all the designs on their website here

As you can see I had an amazing first time at he Clothes Show Live, it was really just heaven with over 500 stalls and stands.  I will definately be returning next year and cant wait to see which brands and company's are attending.
Hope you enjoyed this long post and if you have made it to here, thank you.
Lots of Love

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