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Im sure you have seen various reviews across the blogosphere about the well known Benefit Porefessional because I have too, many of them.  All these reviews meant that when I seen the free sample in Glamour Mag earlier this year I bought the magazine purely to try this product that had been so raved about. 
First of all iv never been overly sure this is a 'primer'  as on the packaging it is described as a
 'Pro Balm to Minimise the Appearance of Pores' 
 It does not mention primer anywhere on the packaging but I have used this as a primer so to me it is a primer, just thought Id clear that up .
The packaging is lovely on this bottle, very girly. I love that they have played on the word porefessional and the illustrated lady pretrays a professional looking figure, although that would not convince me to buy the product as I prefer simple packaging on make up. This slim matte tube is very practical. Being a squeezy tube also means you can get every single last drop which is a winner when the full size product is over twenty pounds.  I like the matte feel to the packaging as it doesnt really get messy with foundation fingerprints.

The consistancy of this primer is a dream, the oil free, lightweight cream is like silk in a bottle.  I applied with my fingers as I found with this primer it was the best way to apply as when using a brush it seems to dissapear into the bristles.. It smells very slightly citrusy with a sweet hint, it is the nicest smelling primer I have came across. The product is flesh coloured but once on the skin it has a transparent finish..
After applying my moisturiser I applied the Porefessional immediately after I then apply my make up as normal.  There is no drying time needed with this product as it feels like it just melts into the skin.  This can also be applied to make up throughout the day as a touch up, although I have never done this. This product does significantly minimise the appearance of my pores when using underneith my foundation and provides an amazing base to apply the rest of my make up.
This product does what is says on the tube-minimises the appearance of pores but I wanted something that also kept my make up in place for as long as possible, to some degree this product does act as a primer but does not provide me with the staying power I crave.
So even when I finished the sample I got in Glamour Magazine and was still not convinced this was the product I was looking for, I hadnt used it for long enough to come to a decison so I gave in a bought the full size.  I still have some left in my full size and have now decided that I will not be repurchasing this as I have found other products that work better for my skin.

What are your opinions on Porefessional and have you used it after applying your foundation?

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