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Jewellery has been a big part of my 2012, style wise.  I have always loved jewellery but I have really embraced it this year and styling most outfits around the jewellery I want to wear that day.  My taste is really weird, somedays I wear my tiffany and others I want my ever loved costume jewellery and sometimes even a mix of the two. 
 Incase you hadn't realised I love buttons, this is due to the individuality of them, so many different shapes, sizes and designs, so when I came across the amazing We Love Button Jewellery I had found what would become my new jewellery love.
  The first thing to attract me was the name, being mad about buttons I just had to investigate.  As soon as I entered the website I was blown away.  This jewellery was simple, delicate, feminine yet some bang on trend pieces.  Trying to place an order was impossible, I wanted EVERYTHING!
We Love Button Jewellery is created by the lovely De'Onne, after a trip to London Portobello market inspired her.  In a little shop De'Onne fell in love with a pair of button stud earrings and after deciding which colour to purchase she left and went home, later regretting not purchasing more of the earrings in different colours.  Her plan was originally to return to London to get some but this clever lady had a better idea - to make her own.  Thank goodness this beauty never made that return trip to London or we would never have had the chance to purchase these creative wonders.

After seeing my excitement about my new found jewellery obesession all over twitter and facebook De'Onne got in touch with me and offered to send me a couple of pieces, which was amazing easily one of the most exciting emails I have ever recieved.

I choose two pieces that had caught my eye instantly, due to the fact that they were girly and feminine with delicate detail, which made both of these items suitable for everyday wear. 
 These arrived gift wrapped in pink tissue paper and placed in a pink mesh bag, such a lovely way to be packaged. This would also be perfect for a gift as very little effort would be needed to make these look nicely wrapped when you recieve them. 
Hammered Silver Button Studs £4  - more button studs available HERE
Floral Button Bracelet £6 - more bracelets available HERE

I literally dont take these earrings off, they are my new favourites.  They are  personalised in a strange way, Button's Blog is a big part of my life now and when I wear these earrings I feel like Im taking a part of the blog everywhere I go, like a lucky charm I suppose.
As I have been wearing them lots truthfully I expected them to turn my ears green but they haven't and Iv been wearing them non stop for around two weeks now, so if they haven't turned by now I doubt they are going to. *Just incase I could always coat the back of the earring with clear nail polish which would put a stop the the metal changing colour.*
 This is amazing quality jewellery for tiny prices, my top jewellery find of 2012 without a doubt.
Doing this post has made me crave some more We Love Button Jewellery so Ill be visiting the website very soon to decide on my next purchase.  Twitter and Facebook are great if you want to be the first to hear about special discount codes, new items and latest news from We Love Button Jewellery.
You can visit the website HERE
 Like We Love Button Jewellery on Facebook HERE
Follow @welovebuttons on twitter HERE
Lots of Love

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