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Hi lovelies!
On Christmas Eve I decided to spend the evening in my onesie, listening to music and baking festive cupcakes.  I seen the idea for these cupcakes from a picture one of my friends posted on Facebook and decided I could have a go at making them myself. 
 These were very simple and quick to make and can be decorated any way you like, I decided on a Christmas theme as it was Christmas Eve, this was a lovely way to embrace the Christmas spirit.
Thing I used
White pre-made icing, self raising flour, caster sugar, icing sugar, piping bag, multi coloured sprinkles, vanilla flavouring, green food colouring, unsalted butter, festive cake decorations, scales, silicone cake tray, cake cases.
Making the Cupcakes

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees (gas mark 5) and place the cake cases in your cake tray suitable for the the oven.  I used a silicone one because it was a cheaper option than the metal one and it looks more fun.

Place 4 ounces (113.4 grams) of sugar, butter and 2 eggs into your mixing bowl.  Seive the same quantity of self raising flour into the bowl and mix all together with a wooden spoon.  This takes a few minutes and you should end up with quite a thick consistancy of mixture.
Split the mixture into your cake cases and place into the pre heated oven for 15-20 minutes until they are golden brown on the top.  This mixture should make twelve cupcakes but I used more than needed in each case so only made nine.
Making Icing

While your cakes are baking you can make the icing, I decided to make butter cream icing as its my personal favourite.
Soften 75g (grams) of butter in a bowl. Very gradually add 175g (grams) of icing sugar that has been seived, stirring with a metal spoon as you go.  This will leave you with quite a stiff mixture that you would never be able to use as icing, to solve this I added 1 tbsp (tablespoon) of milk and mixed well.
This is basic buttercream icing, as I wanted to make them festive I decided to add a few drops of green food colouring.  I did this very gradually, only adding a few drops at a time until I achieved my desired shade.
Spoon into a piping bag and cut the end and add in a piping nossle, I got my nossles from the pre-made white icing pack.
Finished Cupcakes
Remove your cupcakes from the oven and leave to cool for 15-20 minutes (time to do the washing up).
Decorating your Cupcakes
Once your cupcakes are cool its time for the best part of baking making them look all pretty :)  Using your piping bag ice your cupcakes.  I iced mine with a peak at the top as I wanted them to resemble Christmas trees.  After I had iced them I covered them in multi coloured sprinkles (the baubles) and finished with a pre-made tree decoration. I also decorated a few with the pre-made white icing using the same technique and placing snowmen on the top.

These took less than 30 minutes to prepare and bake and around 20 minutes to decorate.  The cupcake mixture was really light and fluffy and really enjoyable.  I love buttercream icing but I will warn you now, it is very sweet and if you are not a fan of extremely sweet things I would use alternative icing.
Have you been doing any festive baking?
Lots of Love


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