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Hi Hunni's

I hope you all had a magical Christmas yesterday, I had a lovely day spent with my boyfriend and his family.  Off course I recieved some lovely gifts and will letting you in on what I got very soon but today I want to inside the goodie bag I recieved at the Bloggers Christmas Event because on opening this it really did feel like Christmas!

As I mentioned in the first post about this event, which you can have a wee peek at here, I decided the amazing goodie bag deserved a whole post of its own.  This was due to the huge ammount of goodies that were included and also the fact that I didnt want to overwhelm you with hundreds of photos all in one post. 
I just need to say a massive thank you to Lola and Victoria for organising such a lovely surprise and also all the lovely brands that were included in the goodie bag!
 The Goodie Bag ripped at the edges from the weight of everything inside!
I was already delighted when I seen that is was a lush bag as I expected there would be something from Lush Inside. As I was travelling back to Birmingham on the train the thought of not having a good rummage through before I got home was non exsistant, I think the whole train knew the contents of my bag by the time I got home.
The amazing contents and a few extra's I pick up at the Soapbox PR table
Now I dont know about you but when I first peeked at the contents at the event I felt like Christmas had come 10 days early.  There are a couple of items that I had on my Christmas wish list and was super excited to see them inside.  Which products are standing out to you in this picture?
Xen Tan Dark Lotion Sample, £5 of my next Xen Tan online order, Velvotan mitt, Make Believe Tanning Mousse and Bronze Ambition
I love false tan, anyone that knows me knows that I love having a slight glow (read deep bronzed) all year round but weirdly more so in the winter months.  So recieved all of these tanning themed products was a delight.
I love Xen Tan and this was the first product I ever tryed from them so I know I love this lotion, the £5 off will come in very handy.  I have never used the mitts from Velvotan but a mitt is a must have for achieving the perfect flawless tan so will definately not go to waste.  I have never used Bronze Ambition before and with the selction of matt, shimmery and instant tan I have now one for every look possible, I only recieved one of these in the goodie bag but was lucky enough to pick up the other three at the Soapbox PR table at the event.  I was gifted the Make Believe tanning mouse after Kat from Tales of a Pale face won it at the event, so thank you very much kat, iv never tryed this before and am really excited to do so.
Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo for Mid brown tones, Macadamia Healing Oil and Deep Repair Mask, So...? Dry Shampoo
This year I have been loving dry shampoo and haven't tried either of the brands mentioned above, I have high expectations for the Lee Stafford one as I love his hair care products.  I love hair oils and have tryed a number of different ones including this one, I love the no greasy formula from Macadamia, the deep repair mask excites me and im saving it for a proper pamper day.
Lush 'santa's sack' bubble bar
Before I used this one I had never tryed the bubble bars from Lush before and this was just lovely.  I love the design, the smell, the hundreds of bubbles and the overall softness of my skin after using this in the bath.  Im so glad this was in my bag as I am now looking forward to trying out different ones.
She Said Beauty Mini Goodie Bag
I had never recieved a She Said Beauty box before and now they are stopping the boxes I suppose I never will but this was a great insight into what you could recieve.  I am most delighted with the DHC Cleansing Oil and blotting papers as my oil skin constantly skin may have found a friend in the cleansing oil.  You know what they say give oily skin more oil, so I will.
Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oil, Filogra Eye Contour Cream, Di Palomo Orange Blossom Hand and Nail Cream, Guinot Peeling Radiance Gel, Etat Pur Radiant Complexion Care, Murad Eye Cream, Diamond Blend 24 Hour Moisturiser, Glam Glow Mask, Murad Pomegranate Exvoliating mask.
Wow thats a lot of skincare products, I have never been very into trying new skincare as the range I use works so well for me I was always so scared to interrupt it incase a breakout, that was until I recieved these little beauties.  I am in love with the hand cream, it is very nourishing and smells fabulous, I love highly scented products. I have been using the Murad Eye cream for a couple of days now and so far I like it but in two days im not going to see major changes.  I have used one of the Murad masks and I think I may have found my new weekly mask, this exvoliating mask drys clear and non sticky and leaves my skin soft and very refreshed.  I am extremely excited about using the Glam Glow Mask after all the rave  reviews I have read on this product but again I am saving it for a deep indulgant pamper day. 
Lipcote Original, Magnafibres, Witch Skin Clearing Primer,The Body Shop Lip Gloss, Inika Mineral Eyeshadow and Eyeliner, Sleek Ltd Edition Sparkle 2 Palette
This is where the real wow factor was for me in this goodie bag!  I had both the Magnafibres and Sleek Palette on my Christmas list.  I hve used Magnagibres and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW, I will have to review this fully to help you understand how amazing it really is so look out for that post.  I have become really obsessed with eyeshadows over the past month or two and this palette is one I have been looking at because more than half of the palette is made up of full on glittery shadows, I have created a lovely look creating this so will also be doing a tutorial/review on that soon.  I have been using the primer for a few days and its up there with my ultimate favourite primer!
Bad Apple Cosmetics Nail Wraps 'Lazy Leapord', Nail Varnish *2
Bad Apple Cosmetics were one of he brands at the Soapbox PR tables and I was instantly drawn to them with the gorgeous petrol shades of nail varnish, the two I recieved are gorgeous although I am very sorry and cannot find the shade names anywhere.  The nail wraps were in this little goodie bag and given to me as I arrived at the event as I was one of the first thirty to arrive, always good to be an early bird.
So with that amazing goodie bag you are right to expect reviews for months to come!
Lots of Love

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