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Hey lovlies,
With all this cold freezing weather we are experiencing at the moment I was on the hunt my perfect winter coat for weeks. 
I started a new job in August which is right next to Matalan, somewhere I have never been a massive fan of until then.  I popped in one day after work and ended up buying quite a few things and the quality is really quite something for the prices you pay.  So when the hunt for a new coat was not going very well I went to Matalan on the off chance I would find one.
Look what I found!

This Beautiful Parka by Be Beau, £45 Buy your own HERE
This parka is exactly what I was looking for, the length is perfect as I will be wearing this with leggings and jeans mostly.  I love the cuffed sleeves because they look fab and keep the cold out.  The faux fur hood adds a focal point to the coat but can be removed if you like with buttons attaching it to the hood.  But funnely enough its the inside of the coat that caught my eye first.  The hood has a leopard furry lining which not only looks great but is warm and cosey too, the lining inside the coat is the same as the hood at the top and has a caramel coloured silk fabric at the bottom.  I think the fabrics used make this coat look more expensive than it is and makes me feel fabulous when wearing it.

I bought a size 16 which is a size smaller than I would normally buy in coats and jackets and it fits perfectly, fitted around my chest and waist but slightly more baggy around my tummy and thighs, the areas Id rather hide.

This coat is going to get soo much wear it is just the perfect winter coat.

Lots of Love



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