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Hey hunnis!

This morning I recieved my business cards and facebook cards I ordered from  They are just the most pretty business cards I have ever seen, exactly what I wanted and so easy to create.  There are so many options on the website.  You can use your own design or there are a number of templates you can base your cards around. It is just a very easy webpage to navigate and easy to achieve what you want.


The design I used was the same as that I used for my blog, Facebook Page and Twitter.  This design was created by the very helpful Anthony, the face behind One Dark Day Studios. I came across Anthony on twitter under the name @SillyScribbler and after numerous messages he has created the perfect logo for Button's Blog.

The reason I wanted to have some business cards made in the first place was to enable more exposure for my blog.  When I have spoke of it at work or to my friends they always ask me to write my link down, so instead of writting it down all the time I can now just hand them a card.  Also I will be attending a lot more blogger meet ups and have been lucky enough to be invited to some events in the next couple of months, so as I will be meeting new people and possibly coming into contact with companies that would be interested in my blog, I thought it would be more professional to hand them business cards.
I ordered fifty cards, with rounded edges, glossy finish and double sided, these cost £13.49 with delivery and VAT making the total cost £20.39. The QR code on the back was soemthing I was very impressed with, this can be scanned via your smartphone and is direct link to my blog, with the world being so techical these day I thought this was a great addition to my cards. They arrived in a sturdy box which will keep them safe while in my handbag although I will probably customise this wth some crystals, just to make it look a bit prettier.  This is the cheapest price I have came across after looking at various well know websites and also some independant local companies. They took only five days to be delivered and I received emails when my order was recieved, printed and shipped.

Moo have a fantastic offer at the moment, that you can get fifty FREE Facebook cards.  I took full advantage of this offer and had them made for my page.  These are fantastic and I will use them as business cards when I run out of the ones above, they have my facebook page's details, my blog link and my email, all the information anyone would need. 
These were just as simple to design, as you can allow Moo to access your facebook page and they formulate the images from there. The back of the card has a generic format and you can only change your details. With these I could not choose to have a glossy finish or rounded edges as they come with the classic box edges and matte finish,but these still look fabulous and professional.
I am just delighted with the service I recieved from Moo and with the final outcome of my cards.  I will now be ordering from Moo in the future as I would struggle to find better.
Hope you have found this post helpful
Lots of Love


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