The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel & Body Butter Review

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This is a picture of three of the best products I have bought this year, what was a complete spur of the moment buy has become 3 items I can't be without.
The Body Shop was never somewhere I religiously went in everytime I was in town, the only thing that made me go in  that day was the big 50% off sale sign they had in the window.  As soon as I walked in there was a table full of Body Butter and after hearing people rave about it I decided to have one after smelling every scent they had I decided on the Satsuma Body Butter.  I love things with strong scents anyway, smelling all the body butters was heaven,they are all so delicious.
I choose the satsuma scent because it was refreshing and exactly like real oranges, no fake smell at all, once rubbed onto your skin you literally smell like a freshly peeled orange. It is soo lovely I really wish you could have a smell so you can understand the immense scent of this.  After using this for nearly 5 weeks I have noticed a significant difference in the moisture of my skin, it no longer craves a lotion or body butter and feels smooth all the time, not just after I apply, literally all the time, Im sure this is down to the satuma and brazil nut oil within the cream.  I like the consistancy of the butter it is thicker than an normal moisturiser so you only need a tiny bit and this 200ml tub has lasted me nearly 5 weeks and that is using it every night on my legs, arms and tummy.  I have already got my hands on 3 different scented butters so have enough to last me a few months.  When I bought this it was £6 which I find completely reasonable but at full price they are £12.50 which is a bit out of my price range.
Off course I needed the matching Satsuma Shower Gel so I could have the whole satsuma experience, I always love to have matching products just because im weird like that.  I definately prefer a shower gel to a soap when showering, I can find soap very drying to my skin and tend to stay away from it. 
This shower gel is 10 times better quality than any I have used before and definately sits up there with Molton Brown and Noble Isle for quality. Using this with my exvoliating gloves gives me super soft, fruity smelling skin.  The scent of the shower gel is exactly like that of the body butter, I must smell like an orange delight when Iv had a shower! The size of bottle is perfect too, you get 250ml for just £4 so its not as pricey as the body butter but still the same scent pay off.  I am using the strawberry shower gel at the moment and loving it just the same.
The tiny little pot in the picture is a teeny little pot of greatness.  It is the Mango Lip Butter(they did't have satsuma), and guess what-it smells amazing!  I have gone lip balm crazy at the moment and this is just a fabulous addition to my collection.  I use this in my night time routine as you have to apply with your finger and one of my pet hates is applying with your finger while out and about, where are you meant to rub the excess product off when your finished? This really does smell great and when applied trying to not lick me lips is a challenge but so my lips get all the benefits and not my tongue I do hold back. I love that this is not too waxy, waxy lip balms are not cool! Using this through the night has done my lips the world of good, leaving them soft and supple upon waking, this will be perfect for the cold winter nights when chapped and cracked lips thrive.  These little pots are only £4 for a whole 10ml of product and this is lasting forever, you wont see this in an empties post for a while yet.
So its clear to see I am loving The Body Shop products, which ones do you swear by?
Lots of Love

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