My Birthday Presents- #4 Jewellery

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So this is the last post about my birthday presents, but I have saved the best until last without a doubt. I recieved and bought so much different jewellery, Iv recently become quite into jewellery and cant go near the shops without popping in to check the jewllery stands.
If you havent read the previous posts featuring my Birthday presents you can see them here
I got these gifts from my Granny, Auntie and Great Auntie and Uncle.  I love that they all got me things I would wear I was delighted when I opened these on my birthday morning.  I love the 21 charm on the bracelet, its soo pretty and delicate.  The Necklace with the sparkly hearts is perfect to wear with a simple outfit so it can do all the talking.

It is an old tradition for a mother to buy their daughter pearls for a gift so the thought behind this present from my mum was lovely.  Unfortunately I am extremely superstisious and for years have believed that pearls are bad luck especially when given as a gift and worn on your wedding day. So I wanted to be truthful with my mum as these cost a lot of money, and I would never wear them due to my beliefs, so as beautiful as these are they have now been returned and swapped for something I will wear and love for the rest of my life.  How do you feel about returning gifts you feel would be wasted, would you tell the person?

This little peace necklace was such a good find.  I got this from Matalan in the sale and it was only £1, I love that it is bang on trend with the boho style and the sparkles are an added bonus.

It is official I am obsessed with Moustaches at the moment, very fitting with Movember looming.  I got all of these from a seller on ebay. The pink necklace was 99p and the black necklace, ring and earrings were a set for £2.19.  Even coming from china the postage was really cheap.  You can see all the items from this seller HERE
I love River Island's jewellery always on trend and cheap too.  I got these 2 pairs for £1.50 each and wear them so much, I can get away with these at work too. 
These were such a special present.  My little cousin Charlotte who is only 10 made these for me, she knows I love buttons and reads my blog so thought these would be perfect.  I love the silver balls in the middle they make the earrings just perfect.  I love wearing these because I am soo proud of her for making them.
Elephants are my favourite animal so when I seen this long necklace in New Look I knew I had to have it, it was £2 in the sale and the earrings match it perfectly and for £1.50 I couldn't say no.  I love the sales on jewellery in New Look there is always bargains to be found.
These are not so much jewellery but sccessories.  I am loving all the tops with collar clips at the moment so I decided to get some and customise an old shirt I had lying around, such a transformation and these were only £1.59 including delivery from china.  I got them from a seller on ebay,check out their shop HERE. This little brooch was from an independant seller on ebay, they were selling lots of vintage jewellery and accessories and this caught my eye straight away, I can use it to add a bit of interest to outfits, this was £1.24.
These were another Matalan bargain, these gold leaf earrings will be perfect for autumn and winter. These were £1 in the sale.
I adore my Pandora Bracelet Adam bought me as a surprise last Christmas and I couldn't wait until my 21st to buy a charm to remember it and add to my bracelet.  This little 21 charm was part of the new collection for autumn and I love it soo much.  This was one of the lower priced charms at only £25.  Would you enjoy a post about my pandora bracelet and all my charms?

Over my birthday weekend I got this scaffold
piercing.  I had wanted it done for ages but kept chickening out everytime I was near the piercing shop but on a whim I walked past Blue Banana tattoo and piercing shop in Birmingham and just got it done, its healing very slowly but I love it and cant wait to buy some new bars for it. The piercing itself cost £22. The earring are both from River Island and were £1.50 and £3.00.



Iv definately kept the best present til last.  Which girl doesnt have a little tear of joy when you recieve a little blue box with white ribbon, well I definately did.  This is the replacement present from my mum and boy oh boy is it the best present EVER! Since being a little girl I have longed for Tiffany & Co Jewellery and now at the age of 21 my dream has come true.  The Tiffany Heart came on a 20 inch chain and I haven't taken it off since I recieved it.  This is something that will always remind me of my 21st and how special it was.
Hope you have enjoyed these posts
Lots of Love

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