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Hiya Hunnis,

I wanted to show you all the fabulous new phonecases Adam and Myself have treated ourselves to last week.  How yummy do these look!!

 I had these made by the lovely Tina the founder of All That Sparkles.  I first came accross this company on twitter and since then I have became great friends with Tina and she is my first stop shop for any crystalised or candied accessories.  This lovely lady runs her business single handed crystalising and candying lots of different accessories including phonecases, compact mirrors, make up brushes and childrens clothing.
As soon as I seen these Candy Cases I knew I needed to have one made for my new phone.  I messaged Tina and we began chatting about what myself and Adam would like on our cases.  Completely personalised service is all you will recieve from All that Sparkles, I was made to feel extremely special, and that I wasn't just another customer.
 Some of the accessories on the phonecases were already in Tina's kit but there was a few things I wanted that she didnt have, she spent nearly 3 days looking for the things she didn't already have.  Of course she found them and ordered then especially for us.

When making both cases I was sent pictures of the design before it was set in the whipped cream so I could make sure they were exactly the way I wanted them, and only when I was happy were they made.  I love how realistic the candy accessories look. These are so different to any phonecase I have seen in the shops and love that mine is unique to me.
The whipped cream is what keeps the 'candy' in place and is very secure, I expected it to feel hard like plastic but it is flexible to an extent, therefor if you drop your phone none of the embellishments are going to fall or drop off. 

I have had this on my phone for nearly a week and it makes me smile everytime I look at it.  The thing I love is I was able to get Adam one too, these can be made for both girls and boys.  As they completely personalised they will be exactly to your own taste.
So im sure after seeing these cases you want your own, well I have a great Discount Code for you all.You can get your own completely personalised Candy Case for only £15 when you mention 'BUTTONS' when ordering via Twitter, Facebook and the website.

To see lots more designs, exclusive offers and order your own you can do the following

Lots of love

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