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These are all my presents that dont fit into the Beauty, Clothes or Jewellery categories.  Even though my birthday was a good few weeks ago now I still want to share with you what I got as I was just extremely lucky and feel that If I cant show all you lovely people what I got who can I show.
You have a look at my Beauty Presents HERE and my Clothes and Accessories Presents HERE
 Now on first looks you may not have a clue what this is but believe me it is one of the most thoughtful and heartfelt presents I have EVER recieved.  My best friend Erin has got a star named after me in the Libra Constellation.  I am very much into astrology and read my horoscopes every single day.  The meaning behind this present is what means the most, my dear Grampa passed away in August and with this star being named after me Erin thought that it would be comforting knowing a little part of me was closer to my Grampa in the stars.  I really cannot thank Erin for this lovely gift it is perfect.
 When people kept asking me what Id like for my birthday, all I told them was things with 21 on them.  I love all the glasses, photo albums, keyrings with important ages on because they are great to keep.  Luckily I recieved lots of these type of things so im delighted. Im such a hoarder I keep EVERYTHING, so these will all be kept til im old and wrinkly.
The Monday before my birthday my old BB curve died a very painful cracked screen death, safe to say I was devastated,not just because I rely on it to stay in touch with the world but I had irreplaceable pictures on it that I could no longer access.   I walked to work that day completely lost without it, couldnt wait to finish work and go home and just feel sorry for myself really.  Cue the best boyfriend EVER! Adam walked into our bedroom with a phone shaped box, and to my absolute delight it was the updated model of my BB curve.  I am loving this phone soo much, its 10 times better than the one I had before and I was able to get all my pictures and music from my old phone too!

These are definately the best scented candles you will ever come accross.  Busy Bee Candles are the nicest scented candles I have ever found, I love the quirky scent names, the colours, the different types of candles.  This time I made a massive order with my birthday money because there was a 30% off code to use.  My favourite out of this batch are Baby Powder, Marshmallow Delight and Peach Cobbler. In my package I also recieved 2 free wax tarts as Budy Bee Candles were aware it was my birthday and also a 25% off code that myself and friends can use until January! Enter BBCXMAS1 at the check out at to recieve this offer. I will be making an order before Chirstmas so the house can smell festive with all the Christmas themed candles.  I have reviewed some scents before you can read that HERE

 I received this lovely chocolate bar from my little cousin Charlotte, I still havent eaten it because its personalised and probably never will.  Everything else I purchased from the Selfridges food hall, I love all the sweets and chocolate from around the world and even though they are a bit more expensive they are soo worth it.

Next week I will be sharing my most exciting Birthday presents, the jewellery I recieved.  All I will say is Blue and white box!

Lots of Love



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