Giveaway's How do you feel about them?

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Good Evening Hunni's,

So today marks 6 Months since I started writting my blog, I want to thank each and every single person who has read, commented and followed Button's Blog.  In the last 6 months I have taken more pictures than ever before and spent more time on the laptop than ever.  It has been soo worth it, meeting all you lovely girls and reading all your lovely blogs too.  I love that this blog has grown so much within these few months and I hope it continues to do so over the next 6 months, its so rewarding.   I hope Button's Blog continues to grow over the next 6 months too and I keep meeting such lovely people.
This also means in a lot of people's opinion (including my own) I should run a giveaway here on my blog. 
 In this 6 months I have seen a lot of mixed feeling's regarding giveaways.  This is why I wanted to write this post, to voice my opinion and in return find out your opinion on giveaways and competitions, then maybe I will feel more comfortable with running giveaways, and have a better idea of what my readers expect.
First of all, I have been running this blog for 6 months and have nearly 200 followers and have only ever run one giveaway, main reason for this is because I want to have genuine readers and followers and not those that only follow to enter competitons and giveaways.  I have found that bloggers who run giveaway's continuously on their blog gain lots of followers and have high stats, but this is because the readers are people entering competitons and followers are poeple only doing so because they have to to be entered, not because they enjoy reading the blog.  When I ran my last giveaway I gained 6 followers,my page views stayed the same and the two winners were girls I regularly seen commenting on my posts and speaking to me on twitter. I was delighted about this and soo glad it wasnt some random person who only followed me because they wanted to win.
Now dont get me wrong I love entering giveaway's but I really do only enter ones on blogs that I am a regular reader of.  Recently I have entered a couple of great giveaway's.  One of these is on the lovely blog My Beauty and Fashion Fix written by Sharna, this is a surprise giveaway as she has not blogged for a while because she has been ill, im so glad to see her back and look forward to more posts and off course thanks for running the giveaway, you can enter this here. I have also entered Hayley's giveaway on her blog Classic Style, you can enter here.
I really want to run a giveaway for my blog's 6 month anniversary but I am completely stuck for what to giveaway.  I work part time and do not have all the money in the world but I want to thank my genuine readers with a prize they would love.  What do you think would be a great prize and what would you be dissapointed to see as the prize? Is one prize worth more money better than lots of little cheap prizes?
How should run it? Should I use Rafflecopter or should I just ask you to comment on the post with details.  I dont know to keep it just on my blog or run a twitter giveaway too..what do you think?
I would really appriciate your feedback on this post so I have more of an idea of what you would like as at the end of the day Im trying to please you and make sure that you are happy with what you win.
Again thank you for reading my blog:)
Lots of Love

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