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I didnt have many empties just for August so I decided to merge two months together and I have ended up with quite a number of empty tubes, bottles and pots. I really enjoy writting these kind of posts as it lets you know what I have enjoyed using and you can see that I genuinly liked using them as they are finished. It also gives me a chance to start using some other products that have been forgot about or repurchase my favourites.
L-R Vera Wang Princess Body Lotion, The Body Shop Satsuma
Shower Gel, The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter, Nat Argan Vanilla Oil.
Vera Wang Princess Body Lotion - I recieved this in a gift set for christmas last year and just using it every now and again if I was going out, I love the scent of Princess and using the body lotion I feel the scent lasts longer than the perfume, I am a big fan of scented body lotions
The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel and Body Butter - Amazing is the only word to describe these two products, they were my first ever body shop products and I am now a self confessed addict owning 3 more body butters, 1 more showergel, soap and body polish. (Read my full Review here)
Nat Argan Vanilla Oil - This is the argan oil I cannot live without. I think it is personally better than the big name brands that charge a fortune for tiny bottles of diluted argan oil, this is the real deal pure argan oil from Morocco, the same stuff that all the famous brands are using in their products My mum lives in morocco and brought me over some supplies when I seen her last.
L-R Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Orange Hot mask, Paco Rabanne Black XS Original,
Maybelline Dream Lumi touch
Montagne Jeunesse Choco Orange Hot Mask - I have tryed and loved so many of these masks but I have definately found a favourite here.  It smells and looks like real chocolate, the smell is just gorgeous.  The reason I love it so much is because its a self heating mask so with the smell of chocolate orange and a slight heating sensation it is the ultimate relaxing experience.
Paco Rabanne Black XS - This is one of my favourite perfumes in the whole world, I first tryed it about 4 years ago and now every time I smell it lovely memories come flooding back, its my memories in a bottle perfume
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch - This is my go to undereye concealer, I bought it because I really want YSLs much more expensive Touche Eclat but as this does the job and it much cheaper at only £7.99 I had to make do.  I ended up loving this and have since repurchased a new one.
L-R Wellaflex Shiny Hold Hairspray. Wella Silvikrin Maximum Hold Hairspray,
VO5 High Volume Extra strong hold Hairspray, Johnsons Baby Wipes, Garnier Mineral Invisi Cool Anti-Perspirant, Soft and Gentle Anti white marks Anti-Perspirant, Nivea Double Effect Anti-Perspirant
Im not going to go into depth about everything in the picture as these are just everyday things I use, I have repurchased The Wellaflex Shiny Hold Hairspray purely because it gave me the results I like and smells lovely. I always have baby wipes I use them for everything, cleaning make up, lazy make up removing, taking of dirty marks on shoes I just buy what ever ones are on offer.  I am soo fussy when it comes to deoderant I like it to smell fresh but not too overpowering, without being to graphic I dont sweat a lot so control isn't important more the smell, I have repurchased the Soft and Gentle one in a larger size as it was my favourite.
L-R Milkshake Intensive Conditioning Shampoo, Conditioning Whipped Cream,
Restructuring Milk Mask
I am so sad to see these finished I just loved every single thing about all three of them.  I havent repurchased any of these at the moment as they are a little bit out of my budget and I wanted to try some of the argan oil hair products from avon, but one day I will definately be placing another order. I have done a full review of these wonderful inventions (see the full review here)

Purity Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser
I recieved this from the Purity Organic Skincare team to review and although I will be doing a full review on the range I have now finished this. It was okay, but not really something I would purchase as it is unscented and im a sucker for highly scented lotions and potions also I didnt use this on my face but you will find out where and why I used it when I post the full review.
 Thats everything empty in my house at the moment so until next time
lots of love

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