Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain 'Crush'

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I have indeed joined the hype and purchased my first one!  Call me a sheep but this was one of the most lusted after things in my eyes for a while and after finally deciding on a whim to just purchase it, it has to be one of the best decisions I have made for my face.
  I have completely demolished my comfort zone purchasing this shade as I am a nude/pink girl when it comes to lip products.  It was definately a good decision as I feel like a different person as soon as my lips are 'coloured in'.  The red wine colour is perfect for autumn/winter and luckily I think it suits me very well.  I dont know if its just myself but a darker lip makes me feel instantly sexy and empowered. 
The silky peppermint goodness of this balm stain is just a delight to apply, the chubby crayon like packaging makes it somewhat fun and so quick and easy.  The slight scent of peppermint is so fresh and clean, really lovely when applying and for a good half hour after.
The staying power of this is just superb, even after the initial application has worn off you still have the stain underneith very impressive.  I wore this out for a meal with my boyfriend and ate my whole meal and it was still visable.
I bought this in Boots for £5.99 and they had an offer on for £2 off. I am already looking at the other shades trying to decide on my next one.
After wiping of the product with a baby wipe

I have recently featured this in a FOTD post read it here.
Which shade should I have next, Reccomendations please hunni's
Lots of Love

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