Birthday Wishlist - 21st

12:00:00 pm

I am Super excited, there is no way I am going to sleep tonight because tomorrow I am 21, I have always been excited about my 21st for no reason in perticular other than its the last special birthday before the big three zero.   Along with the excitement comes worrying because what if all the hype for a 21st birthday is just that, what if its just like any other birthday. Im sure my family and friends will do there best to make it as good as can be.
I would like to make sure everyone is aware that I would be happy with any presents and cards that I recieve these are just things I have been lusting over and will be purchasing with any money I recieve, I have also been selling things on ebay to raise funds for a birthday shopping trip next Saturday.
I have already recieved a present from my boyfriend, the Blackberry 9320, he gave this to me early as my phone died and went to phone heaven on Monday night so obviously it would have been cruel to have me without a phone for a week.(hehe)

Id love either of these charms as its something I will keep forever and ever.

I have wanted to try the stippling brush from the  Real Techniques range for ages now but Im sure I wont just stop at one.

Jinkksy Jinkksy Jinkksy need I say anymore I love all of the summer stackers and even though this was from the summer range it will be perfect with a lot of jewellery I have.

 I have recently stepped into the world of Soap and Glory and after smelling this in Boots its the perfect fresh daytime scent.
 I have wanted this since seeing it reviewed and how could I not with this elegant packaging
 This is all im really really wishing for but im sure as soon as I hit the shops I will come home with lots more:)

lots of love


p.s next time I post ill be 21....ahhhh :)

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