#weeklymakeuptag - Arabian

5:15:00 pm

This week and last has seen two very exciting posts from Aqeela's Blog, this lovely lady has decided to start a weekly make up post giving all of us the chance to experiement with our make up and create looks depending on which theme she has chosen.
This week the theme was Arabian Nights and as soon as I heard this, purples and golds came to mind so with the creative juices flowing I created my look and was very proud of it indeed.
 Seeing all the ladies different looks is fantastic as it gives me more inspiration for future looks.
So this was just a quick post to let you know you can find the post HERE, let me know what you think of this weeks looks and look out for next weeks amazing theme of Lady GaGa.
I already have an idea of what kind of GaGa look I want to create and I am very excited to create it, just hope it turns out the way I would like.
If you would like to get involved contact the lady herself:
On twitter @Aqeela_k

Lots of Love

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