My latest tattoo - Irish Shamrock

6:00:00 pm

As my regular readers will be aware my dear Grampa passed away in August, I wanted to get something to pay tribute to the amazing memories I have with him.
I have an idea for a bigger piece to portray the magic my grampa brought to my life as a young child and the lessons he taught me growing up, my 2nd Cousin Jonny is drawing something up for me but he is a busy man and it may take some time, so me being me wanted something now.  I have had this little Shamrock behind as my grampa was Irish, and I got it behind my ear because sometimes when people need extra support but it is not appropriate to say anything or give them a hug , what could you do? Well my grampa found a way and quite often you would see him hold the bottom of my granny's ear, its a way of saying I love you without saying a word.  This little gesture has been passed through our close family, so now my grampa can give me a 'hug' whenever he feels like I need one, and its a constant reminder that he is always here with me.
I had this done at Body Works my local tattooist, Rob the guy who did this one has done one tattoo of mine previously, you can see  HERE along with all my other ones.
Time - 15 minutes
Cost - £20
Pain - 5/10

What do you think?
Hope you all have a great Friday night!
Lots of love

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