How the Nail Are You?

9:01:00 pm

As a self confessed nail chomper, I know its naughty of me but I cant seem to stop doing it, I love acrylic nails, glue on nails, stick on nails and basically anything else that adds a bit of length to my tiny nails.
I love to experiement with different colours, designs and paterns, mostly on toes as obviously I dont bite those (YUK) Nothing to arty farty though just little details to make my nails stand out from the crowd.  I have a fair few nail varnishes not a massive collection but all the basics and a few in between.  My favourite brands are Revlon and Barry M for nail colour but I am longing to try the Essie range and add a few more Models Own to my collection.
These are a few images from the past wee while, on my own and my boyfriends mum's nails.

As I said nothing spectacular but I like them:) Hope you all do aswell.
If you want to know how I created any of these just ask :)
Lots of love

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