21 at last :)

1:53:00 pm

Woohoo Im 21 at last.
I had such a lovely day for my birthday, nothing fancy just a chilled day with my boyfriend and his parents.
I went down stairs in the morning to find the table filled with baloons, cards and presents I was soo delighted.  After opening all my presents myself and Adam watched films and chilled until I heard his mum call us down the stairs, she had made a full on party buffet for us four complete with a Birthday Cake!!  After stuffing my face until I could physically not move we watched more films and I though that was all my surprises done for the day.  I was wrong I was soo surprised that adam had got some chinese lanterns, such a special end to a lovely day. 
I just want to make sure every single person who sent me a card, present or money knows how greatful I am to recieve such lovely gifts and cards, you have all made my birthday as special as it can be.
 I am going to do a couple of posts to show you all my presents, one for beauty products, one for clothes, one for miscellanious and one for jewellery so look out for those in the next couple of weeks.

Have a lovely Saturday!




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