Avon ColorTrend Lipstick 'Flirt Alert'

8:09:00 pm

I have developed an unhealthy obsession for lip products, but do not judge me I can explain.  I have only recently realised which shades suit my skin tone and do my lips justice so it was only fair that I build my collection full of these new shades and this lipstick is just one of may to come.

Flicking through the little Avon book that comes through the door this immidiately caught my eye because the actual lipstick was shaped in a heart, and im a sucker for anything a little bit different when it comes to packaging.

I was scared to use it for the first time because I didnt want to ruin the shape, but thankfully it didnt YAY!  Now I might sound like a weirdo for saying this but I love the smell of lipstick I always smell it before I buy, this lipstick has not let me down on my smell detector, it smells beautiful with hints of vanilla, but not as strong as MAC lipsticks.

In the magazine it looked more nude in packaging and the swatches but when I recieved it it was more pink, this was not a problem as the pink is gorgeous and a shade I would have purchased anyway.  It feels very nourishing and silky smooth on my lips to start with but after around 2 hours it goes slightly grainy so instead of just reapplying I removed and reapplied onto my bare lip.

I will more than definately purchase more shades in the collection as they are just £3,   I got 2 ColorTrend products for £4 as they have a little offer on, but check out the whole collection here.

Hope you enjoyed this review, I have lots more lip product reviews to come including Mac and Mua x

Lots of Love


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