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I would like to dedicate this post to the amazing owner and creative director of Kandee Shoes
Mr Josh Wayman, better known as Mr Kandee.
There has been many a girl experience the frustration of men not understanding her love of shoes, Josh gives us girls hope as he not only understands our love of shoes but creates the ones in our dreams!
The most exciting thing is this amazing man is
 23 TODAY!
 'Happy Birthday Mr Kandee'
so just imagine the years of imagination and creativity we have to come this is a man to watch Kandee Shoes worn for years to come!

Now lets get lost in Candy land

My first taste of Kandee were the Lemonade Pumps.  I had lusted after them since the first moment I ever set eyes on them.  As they were £110 plus postage costs my budget just did not allow for this kind of splurging, so for months I have dreamt of owning these.  On the 4th of July when the lovely people at Kandee Shoes announced a 50% off sale on the website I had to order my dream shoes. As it was a half price sale I got my babies for only £55 and payed £10.00 for postage and packaging, I recieved them 2 days later. 
I was overwhelmed with the way my fabulous shoes had been packaged, individually wrapped in their own bag and in bright yellow tissue paper, in the branded pull out box with the branded Kandee drawstring dust bag to keep them safe, it was just pure luxury.
The shoes themselves are to die for, the cream suede flat pump covered in sparkling crystals with glitter soles could only be described as Cinderella shoes.  The leather insole is padded for extra comfort and make your feet feel supported but look glamourous at the same time.
Every shoe lover in the world needs their sugar fix with Kandee!

Kandee Shoes Lemonade Pump

Thanks for reading and don't forget to wish Mr Kandee a Happy Birthday:)

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