Beauty - July 2012 Glossy Box Review

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Yesterday I received July's Glossy Box and to be honest out of the three boxes I have recieved it looked the best, every product at first glance looked amazing.
  Unfortunately the delight was short lived as I started to unpack the box and investigate the products more it turned out 3 products did not match up to my beauty profile making them useless to me.
July 2012 Glossy Box Review


In the Box

Jelly Pong Pong Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting
'A multifunctional cream gloss.'
I was delighted to see this full size product in my box as the packaging looked sweet and trying it out on my lips for the first time was a treat, it smelled good enough to have a wee taste. It is a beautiful pink shade and adds just a hint of colour to lips, you can also use on your cheeks for a lit from within glow, although as it is very pink I don't think I would use on my cheeks.

Monu Golden Glow

'This moisturising treatment for the face and body provides a safe, natural looking tan in just 3-5 hours.'
Before I received this product I had never heard of the brand Monu before so I decided to find out what other people thought.  After reading some bloggers reviews on the Monu brand I am quite excited about this tan.  As the bottle is just a sample size I will be using this on my face only along with my normal  tan for my body. The only thing I am not overly keen on is the smell, it is very very floral but I'm hoping this will wear off after a while.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference
Skin Balancing Skincare for Combination Skin

 'Skin Balancing line works to keep skin looking revitalised and healthy'
These samples were a bonus item in my box this month which would have been fabulous if they were targeted for my oily skin type.  Unfortunately they are for combination skin so are completely wasted to me.  This is just one example of the beauty profile not being used at all. 

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference
Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15

'This lightweight, oil free lotion helps protect skin fro UVA/UVB rays and pollution as it provides hydration all day long'
This is just a larger sample size of one of the samples above so therefor another wasted sample.  Although this sounds like it may be okay on my skin as the range is targetted at combination skin I will not be trying it because the risk of upsetting my skin is too high.

Clynol Salon Exclusive Enrich Colour Shampoo

'A gentle shampoo with liquid jewel extract and UV filters to protect rich tones from fading'
I have seen this brand many times in salons so it is a very well known brand but not one I have ever lusted after.  I love the smell of this shampoo it smells so sweet and fresh I just hope the smell lingers when I have washed my hair, I would have loved a sample of the conditioner as I'm a weirdo and like to have matching products.
HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette

'Give your eyes and brows beauty that lasts with this all-in-one compact palette'
When I opened my box and seen this product I might have screamed a little, I have wanted this for so long its unbelievable, I even phoned my boyfriend to tell him I had got it.  So when I was reading the back of the box and seen the words ''Vamp - For Dark Hair'' I could have cried!  Glossy Box had sent me the wrong shade of palette. This was the most disappointing thing that could have happened, it was like someone giving me a present with a warning on the top DO NOT USE.  I have found a lovely lady to swap with me as she recieved the palette better suited to myself 'bombshell' and she is better suited to 'vamp' so all is not lost. If this had been the correct shade I would have been delighted with my box but again it was just more proof that the beauty profile is not being used.
So I have now recieved my 3 Glossy Boxes and reached the end of my 3 month Subscription and I have came to the decision not to renew my subscription due to the following reasons:
  • The Beauty Profile you fill in at the start of your subscription is ignored meaning boxes are not specific to you.
  • When I did contact the customer service team the reply I got was completely unsatisfactory
So with that I am on the hunt for a new Beauty Box subscription any suggestions?





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