Stila Lash Boost & Stila Major Lash Mascara

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One of the basics in my make up box is definately mascara and I have lots I like to use for different reasons, but my Lash Boost and Major Lash are going to be used regularly from now on!

On first impressions the tubes themselves look very slim and I worried the brushes would also be tiny, as I love a big brush.  But it was then obvious how well designed they were, the brushes were a normal size but the wand itself was long.  This made it very easy to apply and worked especially well on corners and bottom lashes, coating every single lash right to the tip equally.  The tubes being slimmer is fantastic because it ensures no excess product is on the brush so theres no way you could end up with clumpy lashes (my pet hate).

To get my the length, volume, curl and separation I desired I used the Lash Boost first, it is an off white liquid with the exact same consistancy of mascara, it was super easy to apply and seemed to just glide on my lashes separating them and giving them amazing skyscraping length.

To add volume and the Black colour I love I used the Major lash mascara, with the lash boost as a base this worked extremely well adding volume to my already separated and long lashes.  The wand was perfect for those akward corners and delicate bottom lashes.

To get the look below I only needed one coat of each!!

These are only two of an amazing mascara range from Stila Cosmetics,and both retail at £15 each, I get mine from Eye 4 Beauty.

Eye 4 Beauty have lots of cosmetics in stock not just Stila, I will be using them for the majority of my cosmetics due to the amazing customer service I have recieved and amazing prices!

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