My LucyBella Bag!!

12:50:00 pm

I had to share with you all my new bag made by the lovely LucyBella Designs.

All bags are hand painted with love and the customer in mind

There are lots of talented ladies designing and hand painting bags around at the moment and personally I think all the designs are lovely, one of the main reasons Lucy Bella caught my eye is because the business is based around 15 minutes from where I live and I am very passionate about supporting small local business'. Although Im sure the business wont be a small one for very much longer!

When the pink package was delivered by my postman I ripped it open like a kid a Christmas and all the sparkle just glistened in the sunshine. 

 All the individual customisation is fantastic, I love the hearts on either side of my name.  I was super impressed with the bikini as it is the shape of a bikini I would really wear, especially in the colour gold, the little bows on the bikini bottoms are a lovely touch. The blonde hair is fantastic with lots of different shades to mirror my highlights. My big green eyes are the focus point of the bag and they just POP! Just look at all that glitter, I love it!

One of the many things very special about this bag is the bow on the top left corner with a charm dangling from it.  This reads 'made with love', assuring you that your bag has been hand made especially for you.  This is something you would never find on a mass produced bag.

I just need to say a massive thank you to LucyBella for making me this amazing bag.  Its going to be perfect for the summer and definately my holiday to Morocco in the Autumn.

All orders made via Facebook and Twitter and payments via Paypal for the most secure way to pay online.  Bag prices are between £10-£25, very affordable!!

What do you think of my bag? Would you have one for the summer?

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