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This is my first 'Haul' Post but it was the only way to show you all the lovely goodies I treated myself too:)
Im just Going to jump straight in with Primark. With Primark its annoying because sometimes there is some nice bits in there its just rumaging through the mess they call a shop to find them.  I got some ole faithful leggings at £3 each you cant go wrong and I often find these true to size. The skull top is really lovely and had diamante detail around the eyes, I love a bit of sparkle, this was £5. The collared top was a total find if I dont say so myself, I am in love with this mint green colour and I love the tan it is matched with and for £4.50 I couldnt say no.  My favourite thing I bought was the blazer, I have never worn a blazer before but after seeing a few people wearing them I decided now was the time.  This nude coloured one was only £17 and I liked it because of the cream border and big gold button. It helped that my other half said it was lovely and I should have it:) I always tend to pick up underwear wherever I go and this bra and knickers were such a bargain at £11 for the lot I had to have them, when I got home I tryed the bra on and surprisingly it was a really good fit. Being a 38F I love that primark have started to cater for us ladies wth lovely boobies:)

Boux Avenue has very quickly became my favourite underwear shop, everytime I go shopping I have to buy something even if its just for the cute pink bag and scented rose petals.The first time I went to this shop it had only been open a few days and was outstanding, the customer service was unlike anything I had ever come across, and the fitting rooms made me feel like a princess with the intercom and different lighting options.  This time I only purchased some knickers, but I let my boyfriend choose.  He really surprised me because I thought he would go for the lacy sexy ones but he went for the complete opposite (weirdo) These were 3 for 2 so all 3 were £12 which I find okay pricing for the quality you recieve instore and in the items.

I love Boots Advantage Card points:) I had lots of points to spend so  had to have the nail paints I have been lusting over.  Bourjous 1 second Gel has the new fan brush which means you only have to brush once with one coat and woohooyour ready to go, it really is amazing and I cant wait for them to bring out new shades.  My friend told me about Revlon smell varnishes so I had to see what all the hype was about and oh my days they are so amazing.  The pink I bought smells exactly like grapefruit and the yellow exacly like pineapple, beware nail bitters these will not help you.  I am obsessed with nude just now so as it was 3 for 2 I couldnt resist. I used £23 worth of boots points on these beautys:)

 New Look is a shop I can always rely on for the basics and I have wanted try out the bandeau tops under an oversized vest look for soo long so with the bandeau tops being 2 fo £5 and the vests just £4.99 it was a must. I just hope I can pull this look off.

Selfridges is a shop that if I could have an all expenses payed shopping spree it would be there, I always go to the mulberry bag section and basically drool and tell Adam (Mr Button) that if he ever bought me one I would do anything he wanted for a year,lol.  This time I was feeling a bit ill so bougth loads of old school american sweets it was £15 for all in the picture below, which sounds a lot but how an earth could I pick a favourite.

As you may have seen in my previous post Wedges are the Way Forward I love wedges, as heels are not my friend.  Well I have found another amazing pair at the bargain price of only £19.  These are from Bank. I am finding out that Bank actually make really comfortable wedges so I cant wait to see which new ones they bring out.

My biggest splurge was my beloved GHD straighteners.  Mine broke a while back and I have had to save up in order to purchase a new pair because at £99 these are not cheap but no other heated straightening tool comes close to the quality of GHD. I have had ghd's since I was 12 and will never find any better.  I decided to go for these shiny black orignal styler from Selridges. 

Thats all for my first Haul, What do you think?

Lots of Love


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