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Well Well Well I am back at last.  My tonsills have decided to stop hugging each other and let me breathe again and I managed to eat something today, first time since Saturday, even if it was only ice cream:)

Yesterday I had the lovely surprise of my Glossy Box being delivered, and surprise it was! I am really happy with it as 4/5 of the samples were make up related and the other was a fragrance so I was delighted as this shows my beauty profile really was used well this month.

In the Box

Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation

This was the first product to catch my eye this month purely because the before and after pictures were unbelievable.  I am very lucky to have good skin apart from the odd breakout, but no severe skin flaws, but this looks like the foundations of foundations it I had anything I wanted to hide on my face.  In full size it is a foundation stick, which I love because they make the product  so easy to apply but in the starter kit I recieved there are 6 diferent shades which I will mix and apply with a foundation brush to find an exact colour match for my skin.  On using this I was quite dissapointed I ended up using it as a concealer which 'concealed' well but using as a foundation was impossible, it had no staying power and was so oily that to the touch my finger was caked in the stuff.

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer

This little tub of shimmery goodness is one of the new pure mineral products from Kimberly Wyatt's (former pussycat doll) cosmetics range, I have been debating about trying these products for a while, so well done Glossy Box you have read my mind.  I love bronzer, I often use a bronzer instead of blush in the summer and I have never used any mineral make up before so this will be a new experience for me too:)  This was very difficult to apply as the tub is so small it ended up all over the floor, it did blend well but was a bit to shimmery for my face and I would prefer to use it on my eyes or on my lips with some gloss over the top.

Glossy Box Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush

This goats hair blush brush claims to give super soft make up application, truthfully the bristles feel quite hard but I gave it a shot.  I wasnt too keen at first to know it was made of goats hair but it picks up my blush really well and applies nicely, as the brush is small I do use a larger one to blend. 

Yves Rocher France Mascara Ultra Volume Sexy Pulp

Honestly I had never heard of this brand before, but as soon as I unscrewed the top off this mascara I fell in love, just look how big the brush is!! I think its very similar to the Loreal Mega Volume Collogen Mascara brush.  This is amazing, I just love the results I achieved with just one coat it coats all the lashes perfectly (even the akward ones in the corner), it lasts all day and night.  This is my favourite product from this months box by far and I will purchase the full size for sure.

Agent Provocateur

This is a fabulous item in my glossy box, at first I thought it was only going to be one sample in the box but it was all three, soo generous:) I have used up all three and they were all lovely the red top was my favourite out of the three.

Overall Im very pleased with June's Box, Its better than May's Birthday Box, and I feel that the Beauty Profile was used really well you can compare by clicking HERE.

Do you recieve a beauty box, Which one?

Lots of love


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