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I had a new tattoo yesterday so I decided to to write this post to share with you all five of my tattoos.  All of which have a personal meaning and have been adapted by myself, I wouldnt dream of going into a tattoo shop and picking one of the wall.

My first tattoo was this gem on my wrist it was originally done in just black and was only the outline, I have recently had it coloured and had bows and more gems added to give it more depth. The large pink bow represents my little sister Jade and the blue bow represents my little brother Aiden, as they live nearly 500 miles from me I wanted something so they were always with me.  This tattoo was not very painful, only as it got to the edge it nipped more. The original was done on my 18th birthday and I got it done in a walk in tattoo shop in my home town of Inverness,Scotland and the added work was done at my now local tattoo shop Bodyworks Bloxwich.

Time - 40 minutes
Cost - £80
Pain - 5/10

My next tattoo was a very meaningful one at the time, shame I was too headstrong and naive to listen to everyone around me telling me to not have an initial of a boyfriend at such a yound age.  I met my ex on the 4th of November so I thought as a nice surprise for his return from a tour of duty in afghanistan we could have matching tattoos relating to the date we met.  I had 11 stars down my back with his initial 'N' in the bottom star and he had 4 stars on his neck with my inital 'G' in the bottom star.  I now ignore the meaning as we are no longer together and luckily it is a gorgeous tattoo in itself. This one was more painful than my wrist but not by much I think it was only because it took a bit longer so I had to sit still for longer and became restless. I had this done in the same walk in shop in Inverness, Scotland.

Time - 50 minutes
Cost £50
Pain - 6/10

This tattoo on my left foot is definately one of my favourites, even though I love all my tattoos, this one reminds me of great times!  I got this done on one of my best friends birthday's as she had a tattoo on her foot also. We had a great day and this is a constant reminder.  I had spent months looking for a phrase to fit my personality and how I was feeling, as soon as I seen ''little by little one walks far'' I knew it was perfect as I am one of these people who want everything done Now, I have very little patience, but I have learned that everything does happen if you want it to, in little steps. Everyone always says it really hurts having a tattoo on your foot but honestly I found this a breeze and it didnt take very long at all. I got this done in the same walk in shop in Inverness, Scotland.

Time - 10 minutes
Cost - £35
Pain 3/10

I love this tattoo on my ribs, it was a complete spur of the moment thing while myself and Mr Button were on our first overseas holiday together in Zante last July.  At the time I was still living in Scotland and he was living in England so we maintained a long distance relationship for a whole year and I seen the phrase 'I miss you more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow' and it seemed perfect because when we were apart I missed him more than I could ever explain. As we were in Zante I thought how cool it would look in Greek writting. I will be honest and say this tattoo was very painful, I would have any other tattoo done 5 times again before my ribs it was soo sore, but the result is well worth it.  I had this done in a well know tattoo shop on Laganas Strip, Zante.

Time - 30 minutes
Cost 75 Euros
Pain 10/10

My most recent and definately favourite tattoo is the cutest.  The first cuddly toy Mr Button ever bought me was an elephant from the Elliot and Buttons Collection.  I was soo touched as it was the first soft toy a boyfriend had bought me. Since then it has become quite a collection and I have nearly 25 and my love of elephants has also grown.  I have a lucky charm elelphant in my handbag that I take everywhere and looking at him the other day I thought it was about time I had a new tattoo.
This tattoo was the least painful I have ever had and I spent the time whilst getting it done tickling my boyfriends hand and laughing and joking. This was done at Bodyworks Bloxwich, West Midlands.  This is the best tattoo shop I have been to. Both Rob (did my elephants) and Tez (added to my gem on my wrist) are lovely they made me feel completely at ease and comfortable as I do get a tad nervous (total understatement).  Each time I have gone in with an idea and they have drawn up exactly what I had in mind and made my ideas a reality.

Time 30 minutes
Cost £30
Pain 1/10

What do you think of my Ink?

For more info on where I got mine done and more pictures of the amazing work they have done collectively check out Bodyworks on Facebook HERE

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