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As I have been feeling a little poorly the last couple of days and been stuck in bed the only enjoyment I have had is burning my
 Busy Bee Wax Tarts.

I bought these a while ago and even now I remember the day they arrived I didnt even need to open the package to see what was inside the amazing fragrance seeped through the packaging, It smelled good enough to eat, ut dont worry I did stop myself:)

 I have been burning Golden Caramel every now and again for weeks, the scent just kept on coming even after I burned 6 whole double sized tealights! It smelled beautiful, I imagine it smells like the Werther's Orignal factory. Without a doubt everytime I burned it, my sweet cravings were satified, so great for the figure. As this is one of the stronger scents even after I stopped burning the scent did not dissapear, some people might find this over powering (my boyfriend) but I think it just shows the great quality.

The Golden Caramel cooled down, do you like my burner?
As I had been burning Golden Caramel for a while I wanted to try a new one, Coconut Breeze was the perfect choice!  Only 5 minutes after I lit the tealight the scent of holidays filled my bedroom, If I closed my eyes I could be lying on a beach in a bikini with my favourite suncream smothered all over me...off course when the heating is on full;) This is not as strong as Golden Caramel leaving a more subtle scent after the tealight burned out.  This is my favourite out of the two and I would definately repurchase in the larger candle.

I love the colour of this too, on trend candles I <3

I still have two to burn, Vanilla Dream and Rhubarb and Custard which im sure will be just as delicious! 

After experiencing the amazing aromas of Busy Bee Candles I know for sure I will never purchase from anywhere else as the quality and variety of fragrances are just unlike others.  What I love most is the husband and wife team started out by just making the candles for them selves, friends and family and now look how far they have come.

There is definately something for every budget! These little wax tarts are only £1.10!!

Make sure you check out the website HERE, they are always adding new scents make sure you dont miss out!

When I ordered I got and amazing 20% off after seeing a discount code on their Twitter page
Follow @BusyBeeCandles HERE

Let me know which scents are your favourites, if you havent tryed them what stands out to you?

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