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I am soo delighted to have fallen for the hype that is Velcro Sleep Rollers, having never used rollers of any kind before my first experience was one to remember.

I first seen them in an episode of Desperate Scousewives, based in Liverpool, I thought they looked great in your hair and the results were amazing on the girls.

I had to have some, I wanted big, bouncy, volumised tresses.

I recieved mine from one of the many stocklists of these little wonders.

These rollers come in the most practical pink drawstring bag with the Sleeprollers branding all over, so when your travelling or coming back from the hairdressers,everyone else knows you are the owner of the best rollers around. 

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Perfect Arm Candy

Two packs for only £16.95!!!
*EDIT - At the time of writing this post the pricing was correct however they have changed slightly all new pricing can be seen here.  Also the gift sets have improved dramatically wth more choice of rollers, pack sizes and accessories.
Most glamorous I have ever looked waking up!!

I got up very early it felt like christmas I was soo excited to see my results!  Even my boyfriend called from work to see how they had turned out, I had passed on my excitement to him. Just to clarify I did apply make up before taking this photo, if I looked this when I first woke up It would be a miracle.

So squishy and flexible perfect for restless sleepers

So I bet your all deperate to know how I got on and how to use.
Well first I washed and conditioned my hair and blowdryed.
I did run the straighteners through my hair roughly just to make it as smooth as possible but im terrible for using straighteners. 

 Im going to be completely honest and tell you all I watched a fabulous video to help me use these as it was my first time.
Find the video HERE from Hollie Wakeman.  This video was a godsend and I could not have applied these as easily without it.  I used 18 rollers in total and I have extremely thick hair.  When i first lay down it felt like I had an extra pillow all around my head it was SUPER comfortable, I slept like a baby all night.

Just removed rollers and BIG BEAUTIFUL HAIR!

After removing the rollers a small ammount of styling is required just rearranging of the curls and making sure they flick in the right direction.  As soon as thats done you are ready to go and take over the world with your Bouncy, Volumised Hair.

I will be having a whole re-style next month on my mop of hair and will need to invest in a Fringe Roller and some Milk Shake Essex Products reccommended by Sleeprollers Official.

Dont Accept anything less than the best!

Buy your own from the
Check them out on

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