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This skincare range has been a breathe of fresh air to my skin, I have struggled to find something for years that is gentle yet effective for my sensitive skin.  This range is targeted at the teens to 20's age group, I am 20 now and just wish this had been invented when I was 15 when my skin was at its worst.

I was sent the whole range to try out from the lovely ladies at Elemis Fresh Skin, based in London, and I just couldn't wait to let you all know how much I am enjoying using these products and what a difference they have made to my skin. 

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The packaging for this product is just excellent, aswell as being in my favourite colour, pink, there is also a different beauty tip relating to each product and the benefits of the ingredients are printed on the side of the box , so you know exactly what you are putting onto skin and why it should help.  A big plus about using these products , as a massive animal lover it states on the packaging "Elemis does not test on animals", knowing this made me love the products that little bit more

Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash
This everyday facial wash is so refreshing, perfect to wake
 up your skin early in the morning.  I use this day and night
by wetting the face with warm water to open my pores,
 massaging one pump of the gel onto my face to produce a
 foamy lather and thoroughly rinsing with cold water to close
 my pores. This gel has a very fresh smell with a hint of peach
This left my skin feeling very softeven after the first use.

 £12.00 for 100ml

Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash 
This facial exfoliator is perfect to give your skin a deep
clean, the jojoba beads gently polish your skin leaving
it extremely smooth.  The fresh aroma of mandarin and
 aniseed is gorgeous.  I only use this one night a week, a
treat for my skin on a sunday night to kick start the week,
also I feel that a scrub is to much for your skin if used daily.

 £12.00 for 100ml

Make Up Away Cleansing Wipes
These are fantastic when you need to remove make-
up in a hurry and dont have time to follow your
normal skin care routine, these can gently sweep away
your make up whilst softening and conditioning your
skin.  The wipes are textured with little bumps ensuring
maximum clensing in one sweep. Enriched with elderflower
and camomile the scent is very calming but not
overpowering.  Try putting these in the fridge and fold up one
wipe into a cooling eye pad, place over your eyes and relax.

£5.95 for 25 wipes

Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser
Moisturisers work by sealing water into the skin and
keeping it hydrated and supple, even young skin needs
a good moisturiser, hense the reason why I have always
used a moisturiser every single morning. This is the most
 hydrating, revitalising, non greasy cream I have ever used.
  This has definately helped balance my oily skin.  It has
a very faint scent of  lavender ,which is beautiful.  The
pump dispenser on the bottle is great to measure how
much you need, one pump allows me to smooth all
over my face and neck.                       

Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser
Night time moisturisers are amazing as your skin works
overtime to regenerate and repair any damage from the day.
I have never used a night moisturiser religousy until I used this,
on waking I am aware of my skin being 10 times more radient
and soft.  I have had comments from friends about how my
skin looks glowing after using.  The smell is very similar to
the daytime moisturiser.  The texture is very slightly thicker
 but does not feel heavy or cloggy on the skin,one pump from the
bottle is plenty to cover the whole face and neck.

£22.00 for 50ml

Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue
I have never really had any issues with puffy eyes,
on a regular basis, but having to work at 6am this
week I decided to give it a go, I pumped a very small
ammount onto my pinky and and applied using
a gentle tapping action around the eye.  Instantly
the skin felt tighter and refreshed, exactly what I
needed at that time in the morning.  Less is definately
more with using products around the delicate eye area.
Having never used an eye cream or gel before I was
pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this.

£15.00 for 15ml

Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm
Harsh Winds, Cold mornings, Strong Sunlight and

changes in weather all contribute to dry or chapped
lips and I know this too well.  I have always suffered
with dry and chapped lips whatever the weather, and
I have tryed all the well known lip balms and always
find that they dont last long and have to reapplied
to often than  have time for. I tryed this hoping it would
be different and unfortunately not.  The scent is lovely, very
minty fresh and feels very smooth, not sticky or too oily
 when on but had to be reapplied sooner than I had wished.

£8.00 for 10ml

Super Boost Moisturiser Serum
This is a more intense moisturiser for those days
when your skin is extremely dry, and overly stressed. 
 I have only used this onceafter using a face mask and
found it very hydrating. Although I wouldnt use every
 day as my skin is in good condition thanks to using all
the other products, but it will definately be part of my
 holiday skincare routine as the sun drys out my skin.
  It can be used alone or under your daily moisturiser. 

£18.00 for 30ml

Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask
This mask claimed to re-balance skin, so it was
exactly what I normally look for in a mask.  After cleansing
my skin I applied this claymask with my fingers avoiding the lips and eyes.  After 15 minutes  I rinsed off and felt like I had new skin, it was amazing, I kept touching my face and couldnt believe the smoothness this mask had worked wonders. I have used many clay masks in the past but this was by far the best ever. I intend to use this every two weeks, as using a clay mask every week would definately dry out my skin. This is my favourite product from the range.

£15.00 for pack of 6 mixed

Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask
This mask claimed to leave skin exceptionally smooth.  Not
a quality a normally look for in a mask, as I have normal-oily
skin.  I applied the white cream, like a moisturiser but thicker and
left on my skin for 15 minutes. When I looked in the mirror to see
before I rinsed, it had vanished into my face, something I had
never experienced whilst using a mask before. Because it had
all been assorbed into my skin I expected my skin to be silky
smooth and feel rehydrated but unfortunately it did not at all, 
much to my dissapointment all I wanted to do was cover my 
face in the intense moisturiser. Such a shame to have a bad
experience with this mask after such a good experience with
the one above.  This is a product that doesn't work well with
 my skin type, but could be perfect for someone else.

£15.00 for pack of 6 mixed

Girlies I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writting it, thats why its been so long.

Let me know what you think about these products

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