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As of this week I will be doing a 'product of the week' post every Tuesday, this may be something new I have purchased or something I already have but cannot live without.

This week we have:


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Shade 3
I was only made aware of this brand about a month ago, since then I have tried a few of their products, this is definitely a favourite of mine.

I use this pressed powder most days, sometimes just over a primer if I'm just popping to the shop or work, sometimes over a liquid foundation to give me a matt finish for when I'm going somewhere nice.

I apply with a powder brush as this gives me the most even finish, its very crumbly  which I like in a powder as I find it blends better.  It gives me the full coverage I like so is perfect for me.

It comes in 3 shades numbered from 1-3 with 1 being the fairest, as I sport a Golden Glow all year round I use shade 2 and 3 mixed to match my skin tone.

I have struggled to find a powder that I feel comfortable with for years and finding this has been fabulous.  The most delightful thing is you can purchase this for just £1!! 

Shade 2
There whole range includes numerous must have products for  face, lips, eyes and nails all under £5, keep an eye out for future posts as I can see myself using this product and exploring this brand for a very long time as the quality is outstanding for the price.

Have you used this brand or product?  Let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations for future purchases I would be delighted because i cant make my mind up.

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