Fashion - Trust me Your Driving a Wedge Between Us

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I'm not sure about the rest of you but I find heels over 3 inches nearly impossible to walk in, I have tried since the age of 16 to master the art of walking in skyscrapers, I have now given up.

So at the age of 20 I have now came to the conclusion heels are not for me, but with the loss of heels I have found my new love.....


I have worn wedges in the past but none have made my heart race  as much as these new babies

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I seen these a few weeks ago in high street store BANK and I liked them but thought as it's coming into summer I wouldn't want such deep 'winter' warm colours so I left them behind on the shelf, poor little booties.

This week as the weather in England is still too similar to that in months of January and February and I need to keep my toes warm and fashionable, I went back to purchase these wedge ankle boots.  Luckily they were still available and on sale too for only £19.00, I was over the moon!!

I can definitely see wedges being my new choice of shoe as they are so comfortable yet they give you the height of heels.

Whats your favourite style of footwear?

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