Beauty - L'Oreal Mega Volume Collagene Mascara Review

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L'Oreal Mega Volum Collagen Mascara Review, Make your natural lashes longer, the perfect mascara, Loreal

I had been looking for a new mascara for a week or two and wanted to try one I had never gone for before, this one was all over magazines I read so it was an easy decison as soon as I seen it in my local Superdrug store, especially at the great price of £9.99.

I like a mascara that adds lots of volume as I do have naturally long lashes so length is never an issue. This mascara does exactly what is says on the tube, and adds lots of volume without having to use more than one coat.

The big brush is fantastic, it reaches every single lash from corner to corner with ease.  When it came to my bottom lashes I was worried the wand would be too large and end up all under my eyes but it was the opposite, it took very little effort to achieve the full volumised effect I was looking for.

In the daytime I only use mascara on my eyes, leaving eyeshadows and liners for a change if im going out, so I loved how this separated my lashes to give a wide awake, stand out look.
I do appologise for my un groomed eyebrows at the moment I am growing them so I can have a new shape and some HD brows.

 Prior to application

Once applied

Have you tryed this mascara, what do you think?

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